Zaithwa’s ‘It Is Raining’ Rocks…Nominated For 2017 Best Female Artist In Spiritunez Awards

Zai: Gets Vital Nomination
It is raining, Thank you.

It is Raining, it’s December what do you expect.

No, It is raining, the song that is slowly permeating the airwaves.

“the day it touched Transworld Radio Music library, it immediately became the daring of our fans”, One of the presenters explained saying no wonder Zaithwa(Thank you) the artist behind the song, been nominated in Best Female Artist in Spiritunez Awards.

The song, released on 29th September has ammased more than Five Thousand downloads on and recently got another Best Song of the Year nomination, RFP Presidential Awards.

This is not the first time that she has made her mark on the Music scene, in 2016 she dominated radio and online media with her blockbuster single Zoe’ released on 18th July 2016. The song enjoyed alot of airplay in numorus radio stations in Malawi,Zambia,Nigeria and Zimbabwe.

Zai as fondly called by her growing fanbase,  has also been featured on ‘Shout of Victory’ by Dr Christine and the ‘Pretty Ladies Pray’ Remix by the misfits Fam. Shout of Victory topped the new songs chart on during its first week of release.

Zai:Music was one of the subjects that I studied and excelled in whilst I was in Scotland
Zaithwa, a worship team  member at her church Raised for a Purpose Ministry enjoys blogging  in her spare time.

She started singing at the age of 8 in a church choir and as the years went by her interest in music increased. Her family moved to Scotland in 2008 and stayed there for a couple of years where she became more aware that her talent was quite special.

“Music was one of the subjects that I studied and excelled in whilst I was in Scotland”, she told this reporter.

“After returning to Malawi in 2010 I was determined to make music so I begun writing and practicing singing, writing music was one of the ways I discovered that I could express my heart to God, express God’s heart to His people and use that as a tool to change lives globally”

Support Zai, Vote for her as Best Female Artist 2017, send Zaithwa to 0882823820 via Whatsapp or text message.

Zai: Gets Vital Nomination

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