Youth Empowerment Drive Forges On…As APM Opens 12th Community College

APM unveils a plaque during the opening of Mangochi Community College. Pic-Francis Mphweya-MANA

President Peter Mutharika on Saturday opened Mangochi Community Technical College, emphasising the role of the colleges in empowering youths and industrialising Malawi.

In his statement during commissioning of the college, Professor Mutharika said
community colleges are a critical component for the development for Malawi.

“We need to know that Community Technical Colleges are one of the programmes that will create jobs and wealth in this country. And I want community colleges to be in every part of the country,” he said.

Mutharika said the colleges are his government’s plan to develop skills for the youth throughout the country.

He said Malawi needs a skilled labour force for it to industrialise and become a producing and exporting nation.

President Mutharika opens Mangochi Community Technical College by cutting a ribbon. Pic-Francis Mphweya, Mana

“Remember, our vision is to move Malawi from a predominantly consuming and importing nation, and become a producing and exporting nation. Skills development is here to create jobs, and empower the youths.

“Both the Skills Development and the Foreign Direct Investment programmes are intended to make Malawi a producing and exporting nation,” said President Mutharika.

He called upon all Malawians to support skills development and foreign direct investment programmes.

“Let us all support our country. Whether opposition parties, public servants or private sector, let us all support our national vision.

APM hearing from one of the Carpentry students James during the opening of the Mangochi Community Technical College.Pic By Francis Mphweya-MANA.

“By supporting community colleges and foreign direct investment, we are creating jobs and empowering the youth in this country,” he said.

The President noted that 20 years since Malawi introduced free primary education, many youths in Malawi have completed their studies without any survival and technical skills.

As such most of them have no meaningful occupation.

“With the introduction of Community Technical Colleges, many youths will now acquire technical, vocational and entrepreneurship skills. This will enable them to establish their own small and medium scale enterprises. In so doing, they will employ others. And this is one way of creating jobs in the country,” he said.

He said Mangochi Technical College would help bring development to the district and make its tourism industry flourish through provision of skilled labour force.

APM chats with one of the tailoring students during the function. Pic-Francis Mphweya-Mana
President Mutharika opens Mangochi Community Technical College by cutting a ribbon. Pic-Francis Mphweya, Mana

DPP came to power in May 2014 promising, among other things, to establish community colleges in every district.

Mangochi Community College is the 12th college thus far.

The first cohort graduated from community technical colleges in December 2016 and some of them will proceed to various National Technical Colleges for tertiary programmes.

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  1. Emmanuel Gomani   March 26, 2017 at 6:38 pm

    If the community technical colleges are to be helpful to the youth of Malawi,the government should employ well qualified instructors.


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