Yes!Parliament Too, Should Truly And Productively Represents The People…Let Absolute Majority Elect Our MPs

What I see here is that even though this whole thing is chaotic and erratic, God is working for the good of this beautiful country of ours. Now Malawi is having a conversation that she should have had to bring about excellence in our systems and functions.
This also shows the good thing about having leaders that are smart like we are seeing in these DPP guys and leaders that know and fight for the common person.

With those new developments in mind, personally as I said before, I still don’t agree with 50%+1 system at all at whichever level it is sought to be applied in Malawian electoral system. However if the Special Law commission on Electoral reforms can conclude that a person occupying a position after being elected by a simple majority is illegitimate, then it makes sense that we adopt a system that would legitimize all persons holding elected positions.

Even more also than the presidential position, I would recommend the 50%+1 system to apply for the MP position to ensure that an MP is elected by absolute majority. The president is just an executive given by parliament instruments and a budget to work with. In parliamentary democracies he actually is elected by MPs from the ruling party.

Like APM said at the opening of this session of parliament, it is not clear to whom MPs are accountable. unless it is initiated from parliament, the electorate, the executive or the judiciary don’t have much in terms of the law to hold an MP accountable. With the recall provision having been repealed, the only time that the people can show their dissatisfaction with an MP is when they vote after 5 years.

On the other hand the MPs have a provision in our constitution that empowers them to impeach the president where trust is lost.
Section 86(1) of the Constitution says that the National Assembly the President and Vice-President shall be removed from office where the National Assembly has indicted and convicted the President or Vice-President by impeachment.

So yes, I am glad now that Malawians from across the board seem to be agreeing. I have read and liked several posts some from even MCP supporters that agree with the need to fix parliament so that it truly and productively represents the people.

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