Why Nankhumwa Is A Mortal Threat To The Opposition

APM confers with Nankhumwa

The smear campaign by Saulos Chilima and his UTM people against Kondwani Nankhumwa is not surprising.

Nankhumwa is a serious threat to the opposition’s ambitions for the  South. And the opposition has not learnt yet that DPP is a character, culture and system.

Chilima ran away from the DPP because he knew he had no chance with his unbriddled ambition to snatch the leadership of the party. He was a foreign body to the culture and the system of the DPP.  That is why in four years, he failed to integrate.

DPP is solid and has its own rules of choosing its leaders. You dont force yourself on it.

Nankhumwa pulled a mammoth crowd during his maiden rally as DPP VP

t has nothing to do with those who overrate themselves and who want everyone around them to think they are the best thing that ever happened.

If you have a history of scheming for power whereever you have worked in the corporate world, instead of allowing for natural progression of things, DPP is not the right place for you to try to force the location of the boundaries. The system rejects you, for its own larger good.

The likes of Chilima are no match for people like Nankhumwa and many others in the DPP. They have nothing in common. They are not made for DPP.

Nankhumwa is some character. He is well grounded as a man and as a politician.

He connects with everyone, the rural and the urban, the elite and the low class. He does not force himself to behave in a certain way just to be liked. He does not need to rely on a bottle store visit to create friends. He just fits. Without any need to hammer him into place.

Nankhumwa: God fearing

That is why he has excelled in the jungle of politics. At just 40, he has proven the most able Leader of the Government side in Parliament.

In his current portfolio as Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, he fits into the life of locals. Because that is where he comes from.

In the years he has served as Member of Parliament in Mulanje, he has tranformed his constituency to unimaginable levels. For this he has been using resources from his businesses, his government salary and the many development windows by the government. He is the spirit of the DPP. No other party in this country matches DPP in development policy.

For all his achievements and political acumen, Nankhumwa has his feet on the ground, working every day for the good of the DPP, his constituents and the country. He has no skill himself to impose himself on anyone. It is not necessary anyway because that is the work of the system

He is the DPP culture. He is its system. And he respects everyone in this system.

It is his character that is making Chilima and the rest of the opposition think twice about venturing into the Southern region. He is making it even more treacherous for them and they are not pleased about it.

Hence the schemes against him. But he will prevail.

He is in the party that knows how to rise from a tragic fall. It is a functional system. It is a culture. It is a character. Nankhumwa is part of this.



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