Why Chalamanda May Have Lost

The former Mayor of the City of Blantyre Noel Chalamanda may have lost because he run a one man show mayoral term during his 2 and half years in power disregarding his fellow Councilors in the process.

Staff at the assembly speak of a “Mr Know It All kind of Mayor”who never engaged fellows Councilors in the many undertakings he embarked on. Staff at the City Assembly have highlighted the following as some of Noel Chalamanda’s self centred altitude that made things fall apart on him; –

Former Mayor Noel Chalamanda made 14 official international trips during his term in power and on all those foreign trips, he never took along any of the Councellors.

Former Mayor Noel Chalamanda did run the recently concluded Mayors Trophy for Blantyre City based schools without involving members of the Council and fellow Councilors. Whilst he may have been seen as a good performer, he forgot the inter relationship with his fellow Councilors knowing that at the end of the day it was them who were to retain him into power. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that he lost so miserably with two votes, one for himself and one for another Councilor.

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  1. Atupele Maxwell Umali   January 11, 2017 at 6:42 am

    kkkk…koma a Malawi..stupid mind…mumafuna akamapita azitenga mbumba yonse kunjako? Malawian thinking is very poor


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