When Kamuzu Rejects MCP…The Case Of Kasungu Mayoral Polls

New Officer Bearers For Kasungu

Do you envisage a situation in which one hates their history/story/journey so much so that anyone who dares talk about your story, u consider them as attacking you? Well, that is always the case when your past or story is so tainted that there is nothing good about it. For instance, if you were withdrawn from college on academic grounds (weeding), you wouldn’t really be happy to hear someone talking about your college days, let alone simply saying, he/she was with you in college. Likewise, if you are a cashgater, you would wish PP never existed in the first place, as it misled you into it.

Well, enough of the introduction, lets now expound on this situation of hating your own journey/story, by focusing on the oldest party, that is the MCP. The MCP has accused everybody be it cadets, some analysts,some activists, historians etc of attacking the party, simply because they at times have talked about the story of the MCP. Here on fb, if you dare talk about what really characterizes MCP, you are accused of attacking or fighting the party. The party membership hates its story so much so that, even its leaders have at times attempted to offer a blanket apology to Malawians, but if asked to specify what the apology is all about, they quickly lose their temper.

The party leaders and membership do realize that their brand is not attractive and therefore not marketable, and that is the reason they have always talked about re-branding, which unfortunately has not worked and cant work considering its entrenched dictatorial and brutal tendencies, which are both historical and current.

The MCP gurus and old guards are pretty aware of MCP as a brand that is not marketable beyond the selected districts in the central region, which by the way the numbers of such districts are declining. Of-course there are a few youths, those that aren’t aware of what MCP stands for and what it means to the rest of Malawians considering its 30 year history in govt, either due to their ignorance or failure to appreciate the gravity of MCPs atrocities against Malawians. It is these fewer youths that the status intends to address, that, you may have the hope, you may be optimistic, u may be positive, you may work hard, you may invest your resources etc thinking MCP can rule this country, but the reality, the truth, the fact is that MCP represents such a nasty history of our country that, it is impossible to be voted back into govt. Never mind the usual cries after every election that the election was rigged, as that is meant to give hope to those not well informed about what disaster the MCP represents.

Once again, while it is fine to be optimistic, its equally good to be realistic, the reality is, MCP has outlived its relevance, and never again, is the electorate going back.

12 Responses to "When Kamuzu Rejects MCP…The Case Of Kasungu Mayoral Polls"

  1. Zephart Kazunguza   January 17, 2017 at 7:15 pm

    DPP trash will never cease stinking!

  2. Hendrix Zimba   January 17, 2017 at 7:21 pm

    When you are sold to the devil it is not you in control of your life but the devil is. You become a slave to your master. You always please your master even when you notice that things are not going well with your boss. This is the case of Malawi voice. There is nothing you can tell us about your inept leader even though you know fully that the man is a specialist in failure.

  3. Primäx James Dyman   January 17, 2017 at 7:35 pm

    DPP is filthy nasty but we cant ignore nkhaza za MCP kumavomereza abale eeeee MCP ikuyenera kupepesa za an2 omwe inadyesera ku ng’ona, misomali yokhomedwa mitu mwa wanthu kamba kowadzudzula eeee the list is endless! ndatukwana ngati?

  4. Happy Nguluwe   January 17, 2017 at 7:46 pm

    Malawi will fully derived from cruel and corrupted leadership if the majority refuse exchanging their votes with money

  5. Winford Gondwe   January 17, 2017 at 9:44 pm

    dpp voice anthu anazindikira panopa no more dpp,ati nsanje rally postponed due to bad weather osangonena chilungamo kut sakukufunani ku nsanje bwanj,chaponda amamuonesa pa tv handover yama borehole kunali tiana tokha that is sign yakutha.


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