What Does The High Court Ruling Mean?

It means Lazarus Chakwera and his so called NEC have no power to make decisions for Malawi Congress Party

It means Chakwera is now powerless. Put it this way, CHAKWERA WATHA because he cannot make decisions any more.

It means Chakwera is a president of MCP but he is not the leader of the party.

It means Kaliwo can call for NEC meeting and make binding decisions against the Chakwera camp

It means Kaliwo will call for a Convention that will decide the fate of Chakwera and Sidik Mia.

It means the Chakwera his bloodthirsty gang will become more desperate and violent.

It means the battle will go into physical, magic and witchcraft. Nyau dzituluka.

It means more chaos and violence in MCP.

Already, some voters are saying KUVOTELA MCP NDIKUFA MUTU.

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  1. Dickson Muzunga   February 2, 2018 at 2:00 pm

    Whoever want to learn politics and political science, MCP is a case study, experimental field where you try and test samples, kikiikiiiikiiikiiiii!!! I will write a book outlining how Mcp has been failing to win an election since 1994 even all pointers favour it as winners. Its not kubeledwa mavoti as others believe but rather lack of political experience to deal with issues like one at hand. Every election mcp participate as a divided house, I do not think they can produce fruits of the womb in that house, koma poti mcp ndi mapuludzu pamadvice, end result, mkokemkoke.

  2. Mbonga Matoga   February 3, 2018 at 11:58 am

    Why can’t Mr Kaliwo and his best friends Kabwila and Msowoya form their own party, if they think they are the best people in MCP, what motive do they have, and whose interest are they serving during this crucial time when MCP was supposed to be preparing for the forth coming elections in 2019???

    For the devil comes to kill and destroy, these DPP mercenaries are out again on their quest to destabilise and destroy MCP.

    The majority had passed their verdict through the NEC of MCP but the mercenaries have another way of clinging on to positions they don’t deserve…

    How on earth can Kaliwo justify to be the MCP secretary General, he has never spend a penny to conduct a political rally anywhere in Malawi……..compare him to the DPP SG Geff wa Geff Kaliwo is just a dead man walking,

    Why MCP has been keeping this man in this position for years, only God knows.
    Its now up to the MCP ordinary members to bring this saga to an end…..MCP is bigger than Kaliwo, Msowoya and or Kabwila.

    Its about time these DPP mercenaries are dealt with once and for all………….how you do it, its entire up to you


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