Welcome Back Home Mr. President

apm-return-main-pic-1I refuse to believe as speculated that Kampanikiza’s sources were Joyce Banda Team based here in US in his effort to incite violence and rebellion by maliciously claiming our president has dead. I think it’s a stretch to link his acts of sedition and treason to Joyce Banda.

We know yes that whatever he writes is directed from the former president’s office but to leap that far without evidence and collaboration in this particular case is committing the same crime Nyasa Times committed by publishing and quoting Kampanikiza’s unfounded and malicious rumors repeatedly without collaboration. I respect Kampanikiza but on this one he has crossed the decency line and breached our national security.

As for Nyasa Times and like-minded newspapers who advanced these malicious rumors and exhibited the highest order of irresponsible journalism, owe our president, our country and our people an apology.

I urge NIB to look into these serious issues of national security and hold folks accountable. These shenanigans and lawlessness must end. Malawi is a country of laws. It’s time the public demand accountability from those who demand accountability from the government and administration in the name of journalism. Welcome back Mr. President. Don’t be discouraged. Keep working hard in your effort to change lives in Malawi for the better by meeting one CEO at a time and wherever as long as it takes. (Foster F. Fundi)

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  1. Nya   October 16, 2016 at 10:14 pm

    Nature Hates Vacuume, so goes the saying. I think one good reason why were all these nusty publications about Our president is his prolonged stay in USA, coupled by failure of the government to address its citizens in time about the whereabouts of the President. We needed him as he will need our fingre one day.
    So, dont blame anybody here, afterall, under whose check did he use for shoppinh after UNGA? Let the MP calculate the losses too. WELCOME BACK MR PRESIDENT.


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