We Have Joined DPP Not By Accident But Out Of Will-BJ

APM welcoming BJ into the Blue-Family
Speaking on behalf of the new four members who joined the Mighty DPP on Sunday during a developmental rally at Lunzu, Brown James Mpinganjira (BJ) said joining the DPP party was not by accident but rather out of will.

Apart from Mpinganjira, others were Ken Lipenga, Henry Phoya and Rev. Daniel Gunya.

Mpinganjira said the country has many political parties but their choice of joining DPP was solely due to sound leadership that the party had demonstrated.

“We are happy that you have welcomed us into the party. We are ready to work and reach out to every corner of the country,” he said.

Speaking after unveiling the four, President Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika said DPP is a party for all Malawians and that those willing to join were free to do so.

APM welcoming Phoya into the Mighty DPP
Mutharika said as leader of the party he does not and he will never stop people from joining the party as the door is wide open.
“Campaign will start in 8 months’ time but we cannot wait until then to welcome people into the party. Our party is ready to welcome everyone who is willing to work with us,” he said.

The President, however, issued a serious warning against party leaders whom he said were denying people from joining the party for fear of losing party positions.

He said should he find out about those people doing such unacceptable act, he will have no choice but to kick them out of the mighty party.
“It’s time for us to unite and build the party, those bringing fights amongst us will not be allowed to stay, I will personally fire you,” he warned.

APM interacts with Lipenga

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    Ghosts,Humans tax suckers,Failed politicians & the list goes on & on

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