We Are Unbreakable! We Are Unstoppable:APM Speech At Blue Night Fundraising Dinner (15-09-18)

APM speaking at the event

We have come this evening because we want to raise funds to support the DPP.

I want to thank you all foe coming. I know that there are many who support our cause and have contributed but they are not here. We thank them wherever they are.

It is important for us to sacrifice and support this Party because we have a very important mission to accomplish.

God has given us a mission to serve Malawians in developing this country. We must always remember this.

We must remember that we have a goal. The reason why we exist as a Party is develop Malawi. Our mission is to lead this country and take the poor out of poverty.

As a Party, we have a place in the history of this country. As I have said before, colonialists came to exploit this country. Malawi Congress Party came to end colonialism but there was no democracy. The UDF came to bring democracy. The DPP has come to develop this country. That is our mission given to us by God.

No other party can develop this country. It is only DPP that can develop this country. That is why I believe in the destiny of the DPP.

I believe in this Party. I have faith in the DPP. And I have my faith in you. You and I have the sacred mission to develop this country.

I therefore want all of us to work hard at every level of the party. Whether you are at branch, area, district, regional or national level of the party or you are an ordinary member, everyone is important. Everyone can make a difference. Let us all work hard to accomplish the mission of developing this country.

To achieve our mission, we must sacrifice for the party. It is not the President of the Party who makes DPP. I am not the Party. We are the Party.

All of us— in the offices, in the universities and colleges, in the streets, in towns and in the villages – we all make the Mighty DPP.

This is our Party. We must be proud of this Party. This is our destiny. We must believe in this Party. And we must be loyal to this Party.

Let us give whatever we can to the Party instead of waiting to receive from the Party. We all have something to give! And we have something to share.

There are many of us who can share our resources with those who want to work but they cannot afford. If you can’t afford money, you can sacrifice your time. If you can’t sacrifice your time, you can share your ideas.

But let me also appeal for discipline in the Party. I also want us to be disciplined.

We must always respect instructions from our seniors in the party. Aliyense asamangodzuka ndikumapanga zimene akufuna zosadziwika bwino! That’s unacceptable. We can only be strong Party when we are disciplined and united.

Let us also respect one another. We must respect the people we serve. We must respect journalists because we need them. And we must be the first people to respect the laws of this country.

Let me talk about the elections next year. The DPP will win the elections. And we must win with landslide victory.

We have fought and conquered before. We have survived crisis after crisis. We survived attempts to impeach Bingu. We survived Bingu’s death. Bingu fell but the Party did not fall.

When Bingu died and abandoned us, you and I remained loyal to the Party because we believe in this Party.

We inherited an economic crisis but we fixed the economy because we can do it!

We faced floods, drought and hunger but we survived and fed the people.

We have been betrayed by those we trusted, those who wanted to hijack the Party and betray our development agenda. But we are still here serving this Party because we believe in serving Malawians and developing this country.

We believe God has sent us to serve Malawians. In this Mighty God we trust! And with Providence on our side— We are unbreakable! We are unstoppable!

Together, let us move forward! And together, we will conquer.


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