Wandale Atha Kukhala Kuti Ndi Wamisala, Kamulingeni Ubongo Wake- Latero Khoti

The Magistrate’s Court in Lilongwe has ordered the self-styled leader of the People’s Land Organisation, Vincent Wandale, to undergo a psychiatric examination to establish whether he is mentally okay or not.

The outcome of the medical examination will also determine whether to or not to proceed with Wandale’s case o in which he is charged with publication of false statements likely to cause fear and alarm to the public.

Police arrested Wandale in Likongee  Sunday morning and is remanded at Maula Prison pending the medical assessment.

The case is expected to proceed on November 11 2017 and the medication assessment will be done at Bwaila Hospital in Lilongwe.

The state wanted the test to be conducted at Zomba Mental Hospital, but the court dismissed this, arguing that Bwaila Hospital is equally capable of carrying out the medical assessment.

Senior Resident Magistrate Paul Chiotcha made the order following an application from Malawi Police’s Head of Prosecution Happy Mkandawire on Monday.

The prosecuting team is sceptical if Wandale is normal, fearing that the Court might be wasting time on someone who has a mental problem.

Lawyer representig Wandale, Oscar Taulo, who attempted to object the Court determination, observed that the outcome of the medical test–whether normal or not–would be of benefit to his client.

“It was surprising to note that the application came from the prosecuting team, but much I as tried to object, we feel the outcome will benefit the Wandale. We are looking forward to seeing the outcome of the medical assessment,” Taulo.

Wandale has been claiming that he is the leader of a country called the United States of Mulanje and Thyolo (Must)  and has mobilised some people in his quest to create the two districts as separate from Malawi.


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