Urban Artists Battle At Winter Sensation On Sunday at Country Club…Miss BT Will Be Guest of Honour, To Speak

Loud and Clear

Blantyre will on Sunday afternoon host a feast of urban music performances at an annual event dubbed Winter Sensation at the Country Club in Limbe. According to the organisers, Bast and Overstay Productions, the event is celebrating three years of existence in Arts and the music feast will be the climax. Winter Sensation is a concept by music production houses owned by very youthful teams from ghettos of Ndirande, Chilomoni and Bangwe in Blantyre. They essentially record music and advocate for visual and audio arts.

Since the inception of Winter Sensation, Bast and Overstay Production teams from respective ghettos bring together the best artists from the ghetto to showcase their talent to fellow youth from the ghetto. Their philosophy is to uplift the little known artists to share stage with the established.

This year, the event has a very hot line up of Artists starring Stitch Fray, Nepman, Queen B, TNAZ and many more.

Miss Blantyre: To Give a motivation speech

Public Relations Manager for Bast and Overstay Productions Felistus Ngwira said this year, they have decided to bring in more established urban artists to strike a balance between the trending youthful music and the mature genres. So far, the event has registered a lot of performances expected to start by 1pm until 5pm in the evening.

As one way to spice up the event, Miss Blantyre Hannah Mhone who is also Guest of Honour at this event will take pictures with the fans at a photo booth. Mhone will also interact with fellow youth especially girls and lobby for them to balance their lifestyles and prioritize school over social life and early drop-outs. This is part of her drive to help “keep the girl child in school” which is her primary agenda in her term of office which expires this summer.

However, missing on the line up of acts is the self-bossed King of the Ghetto Ntchana Freddokiss. About him, Bast Producer and one of the organisers Stephano Ulaya said they have had a challenge to bring Freddokiss on board because they can’t afford paying his hiring fees since this is a show operating on zero sponsorship budget.

However, Ulaya said they will try all they can do to see if they can also add Freddokiss to this line up as most fans especially from Bangwe asked for him to make the list.

Felistus Ngwira: We have engaged more established urban artists to strike a balance

“The artists we have mostly volunteered in support of the ghetto and the upcoming talents whom they are to brush shoulders with. Hence, getting Freddo, which is what we all wanted will be a big challenge as the show is self-funded at the moment” added Ulaya.

“Everything aside, we have put everything in place with the artists and Blantyre fans from the ghetto should expect a great afternoon of music and dance. Fans should just make sure they come on time so that they do not miss any performances on the day. We will also have dance crews and rap battles to spice up the afternoon. There will also be DJs shaking off the cold out of the afternoon” Added Ngwira.

Winter Sensation is expected to sweep all the youth and young-at-heart fun lovers of Blantyre and surrounding areas considering the lineup of artists most of whom command a large base of youthful fans in the city.

Patrons will pay K1000 at entry. A recipe for Sunday afternoon entertainment in Blantyre!

Loud and Clear

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