Update On Crocodile Primaries: 6 People On Death Bed, Dosens Injured

God Have Mercy

There was violence at a Malawi Congress Party primaries in Lilongwe Southeast constituency on Thursday August 23 as party followers clashed among themselves leaving at least 6 people seriously wounded.

Gruesome pictures are circulating on social media showing victims with varied degrees of injuries.

It is reported that the clashes were triggered by the party leadership’s plot to impose the incumbent Willard Gwengwe to be candidate for the area in 2019.

Gwengwe inflamed the situation further when he brought to the primaries outsiders to vote for him, according to reports.

Yet, Gwengwe is not wanted in the constituency. In January this year, chiefs in the area presente

d a petition to the District Commissioner calling for the removal of Gwengwe for non-performance. They said they would rather have no MP than have someone who has not delivered.

Reports also indicate similar incidences of violence in Dedza.

MCP has since suspended holding primaries until futher notice.


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  1. afrosparksatrick Phiri   August 24, 2018 at 11:39 am

    It seems the Meat for Crocodiles Party (MCP) will remain the same.


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