University Students Pen VP Chilima: Call Him A Betrayer

DATE: 16TH May, 2018.

Your Right Honorable Sir,
It is with honor and dignity that we chose to write you on matters of our mighty party DPP as a branch of the party and indeed young politicians who value constructive politics for Malawi to develop. We get disappointed every time we see Malawians take us three steps back after taking two steps forward. We believe the manner in which you are exercising your political right to take
over the leadership of this country is taking us backwards. We emphasize that we are not against your rightful political ambition but your approach to the fulfillment of the same ambition.

Your Honor, there is in-fighting within our beloved Democratic Progressive Party which is becoming clear that you are behind, however you are deliberately giving it a blind eye in order to deceive Malawians that you have nothing to do with it.
In our critical analysis and after reflecting on the political logic of a number of incidents, we refuse to believe that you have nothing to do with this conflict in the party. Your silence leaves us with no option but believe to the allegations that you impatiently need the presidency which can be echoed by the following reasons:

1. “Njoka saweta” remark.
We want to remind you and the Party that you told the President he was hatching snakes in the party. We admit that there were a lot of theories that came forth. As we exercise our right to opinion, we believe you were referring to Honorable Atupele Muluzi who came into the cabinet from outside the party because you feared that he was going to displace you as the next running mate. This was an expression of your jealousy. It is for this reason that we are forced to believe that you have always looked at yourself as an automatic successor to Peter Mutharika! We also believe that there are no automatic successors in a democracy because it defeats the democratic principle of giving the people the right to competition and choice.

2. Head of State death rumors.
Your Honor, when the head of state goes out of the country for official duties, you are the acting president here at home. We remember well when the President had gone out to the United Nations two years ago, rumors of his death spread so fast like an infectious disease. As a person acting in the capacity of the President, you did not tell the nation the status of your boss. Instead
we heard that you proceeded to form your own cabinet in preparation for forming your own Government. This is a serious allegation that you should have refuted. Your silence was to us an act of admission and the same compelled many of us to establish that you have been nursing the ambition and contemplating to take over power for some time.

3. A call for demonstration against your own Government.
Your Honor, when you read the Pastoral Letter in church, people recall you added to the Pastoral Letter your own words that urged to demonstrate against Government “not on Facebook but on the streets”. We also recall that these demonstrations whose real political motive was regime change of the DPP Government as has always been advocated by the Public Affairs Committee and the Malawi Congress Party. Our assertion that you have been contemplating to take over the leadership in a wrong approach found its vindication in your action of urging the nation to demonstrate against your own Government, which further proves that you have been praying for the fall of your President under such circumstances that everyone knows that you would take over.

We also believe the infiltration of your politics into the Catholic Church is also observably confusing the church as proven by the fact that Bishops were misled to join demonstration that were set to create violence and regime change. Your Honor, we believe you would have demonstrated leadership in standing up to speak against these allegations otherwise there are many people like us who believe that you have been working against your Government and that the eruption of Callista Mutharika was only a fulfillment of some underground plan. 4. Parliament Fracas Condemnation Letter Your Honor, clean politics where each being is allowed to express his/her opinion as we are doing here, is truly what Malawi needs. We therefore respect your right to express your views on violence. The letter rightly condemned in strongest terms the foolish act demonstrated in our most respected house, the parliament.

Our immediate observation is that your letter was an act of insubordination because as Vice President you should always remember that you act on delegation. Moreover, we join the many people who concluded that the condemnation of violence in the party was at the same time hypocrisy because you are believed to be the source of the problem. Therefore, your Honor, don’t you think that a wiser man deals with the source of the problem instead of politicking around the problem to get political scores? Can you tell the nation that you are not aware of the main reason of the why people fought at parliament and why people are fighting in the party? Why do you believe that people will believe that you are not the reason of all the fighting after all the history of your political activities outlined above?

We have no reason to believe that all the people involved in the confusion of the party are acting under your instructions! How can t-shirts bearing your name and face be printed without your consent? Are you aware that you are seriously disrespecting the rules and guidelines of the Party? How do you expect us as a generation of Youths to trust you as the future of our Party when you cannot respect the principles and values of the party?

Finally, we know that this letter puts us at a greater risky of political victimization by your camp. Your Honor, know that we are not afraid of the consequences of standing for truth and justice. Take note that this observation is held by many people who are afraid to speak out in fear when your team is openly castigating and undermining His Excellency our President every day. We will not fear for the sake of truth, fairness and justice.

As we put our pen down, we would like to leave you with a million dollar question you must reflect on. You have failed to show gratitude to one man who trusted and favored you to support him. You will agree that your public image is now that of a betrayer. You also need to know that people are now saying you have a history of betraying and kicking out your seniors wherever you have worked in Carlsberg, Airtel and now in the presidency. If you betray your leader, how should we the people trust that you will not betray us?
We also want to put it on record that the approach you have used to pursue your political ambition is proving that you are not a role model of leadership. We the intellectual Youth of the Party therefore cannot support you because we want to follow proper political role models.

Your political approach is fast destroying the trust which we the Youth have been preserving for you and we too feel betrayed.
We have written to you in the spirit of good faith because we think you are making a very serious blunder that you need to address. We also want you to know that with the lack of leadership qualities you have shown, we the intellectual Youth of the DPP are not going to be blinded into the bandwagon of following you for the sake of following. That we will never do!
We wish you well!
————————- —————————- —————————-
Chriss Connex Muhuwa Tifu Victor Kadzinje Harry Gundani
DPP President (Chanco ) DPP vice President ( Chanco) DPP President (MUST)
————————- —————————- —————————-
Chriss Katchire Blessings Jamuteni Israj Mkwanda
DPP President ( Domasi) DPP President ( COM) DPP vice President (COM)
————————- —————————-
Michael Fatch Patrick Kalombola
DPP vice President(POLY) Publicity Secretary(MUST)

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  1. team Chilima   May 17, 2018 at 6:42 pm


  2. Nambewe   May 17, 2018 at 9:59 pm

    waaauh! I am speechless. This surely deserves an answer of some sort!

  3. nab   May 19, 2018 at 9:49 am

    Ana inu chenjerani,,,,,,,what if the one you are castigating now becomes you next president? Akupatsani mowa ku Sanjika basi mwayamba mwano….. eeeee, be careful, chakuza sichiyimba ng’oma.


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