Transforming Malawi: Just a few of the many localised developments under APM

 (Completed or in Progress)


APM’s sound strategy for national development: A Four Storey Building under construction at the Malawi’s Polytechnic in Blantyre

• Kasama Community Technical College
• Kalenge Water Supply Project
• Nthalire Rural Growth Centre
• Chitipa-Nthalire-Rumphi Road via Nyika National Park

• Karonga-Songwe Road
• Ngara Community Technical College
• Karonga Community Stadium
• Chonanga Irrigation Scheme Rehabilitation
• Mphinga Irrigation Scheme Rehabilitation

• Rumphi Community Stadium
• Njakwa-Livingstonia Road
• Mlowe Road

National Cancer Centre: First of its kind in Malawi under APM

• Rumphi Teachers Training College
• Rumphi-Nyika-Chitipa Road

• Mzimba Water Supply Project
• Mzimba Govt Office Complex
• Mombera University (Civil Works)
• Jenda Rural Growth Centre
• Mzuzu Fuel Reserves
• ODL centre at Mzuzu University

• Mzuzu-Nkhata Bay Road

Majestic: Mzuzu-Nkhatabay road

• New Nkhata Bay Hospital
• Nkhata Bay Market
• Nkhata Bay Jetty
• Nkhata Bay Bus Depot

• New Nkhotakota Bus Depot
• Nkhotakota-Nkhufi Road
• Nkhotakota Boma road works
• Rehabilitation of Nkhotakota Game Reserve


President Peter Mutharika Inspecting The Salima Sugar Company

• Salima Sugar Factory
• Salima Textile Factory
• Salima-Lilongwe Water Project
• Expansion of Salima Technical College

• Kasungu Stadium
• Kasiya-Santhe Road

• Dowa-Ntchisi Road
• Nkhufi Road
• Ntchisi Skills Development Centre

Progress on civil works at the site of Mombera University in Mzimba

• Malomo Rural Growth Centre
• Ntchisi Community Ground

• Dowa-Chezi Road
• Mponela Community Technical College
• Mponela Rural Growth Centre

• Kawere-Mkanda Road
• Mkanda Rural Growth Centre

Mponela Technical College

• Mchinji Teachers Training College
• Kapondo Community Technical College

• Parliament-Stadium Dual Carriageway
• Lilongwe Business Park
• Rehabilitation of KIA
• National Cancer Centre

Progress: Construction works for the new domestic terminal bulding at Kamuzu International Airport (C) Stanley Makuti

Lilongwe Technical College expansion
• Kanengo Fuel Reserves
• 2 teaching complexes at LUANAR
• Nalikule Teachers Training College
• Expansion of Old Town-Bunda turnoff M1 Road section

• Linthipe-Lobi Road
• Bwanje Irrigation Project

• Ntcheu Bus Depot
• Ntcheu Stadium
• Ntcheu-Tsangano Road
• Ntcheu-Kasinje Road


Construction works on Bwanje Dam

Balaka-Khwisa Road
• Liwonde-Mangochi Road
• Khwisa Community Hospital
• Balaka-Mbera Road
• Balaka Railway rehabilitation

• Mangochi Water Project
• Mangochi Community Technical College
• Mangochi Mlambe One Stop Centre
• Monkey Bay Rural Growth Centre
• Mangochi Stadium
• Mangochi-Liwonde Road


The Majestic Ntcheu Bus Depot

New Machinga Secondary School
• New district council offices
• Machinga-Lirangwe road
• Nkaya-Nayuchi Railway
• Kamuzu Barrage renovation

• Zomba Community Stadium
• Zomba-Phalombe Road
• Chanco lecture theatres, science& ICT laboratories
• Zomba-Chinamwali Road
• Rehabilitated Nasawa Technical College


One of the officers at Mangochi-Mlambe One Stop Public Service Delivery Centre assists a client on presence of Present Peter Mutharika

Ida Chilembwe Technical College
• Mainala-PIM-Nguludi Road
• Chiradzulu-Milepa-Phalombe Road
• New Council offices

• Mwanza-Chapananga Road
• Mwanza-Neno-Tsangano Road

• Tsangano-Neno Road
• Neno Rural Growth Centre

• Chikwawa-Chapananga Road
• Chapananga Rural Growth Centre
• Chikwawa Teachers Training College
• Chikwawa-Ngabu-Bangula road
• Chapananga Bridge

• Thabwa-Chitseko-Seveni Road
• Nsanje Bus Depot
• Nsanje modern market
• Limphangwi Water Supply
• Mapelera Water Supply
• Livunzu Water Supply
• Matabwa Irrigation Scheme
• Osiyana Health Centre

• Blantyre Business Park
• Blantyre Ring road
• Chileka-Magalasi dual carriageway
• Lirangwe Road

Majestic: The Mangochi-Liwonde Road

• Chipembere Highway Phase 2
• Likhubula-Blantye Water Project
• Matindi Fuel Reserves
• Malawi Bureau of Standards lab complex
• Lunzu modern market
• New lecture complexes at Poly
• Soche Technical College Rehabilitation

• Thyolo Community Stadium
• Milonga Community Technical College
• Thyolo Govt Office Complex

Milonga Community College

• Thyolo-Makwasa-Muona Road

• Chitakale-Phalombe-Zomba Road
• Mulanje Stadium
• Likhubula-Blantyre Water Project

• Phalombe District Hospital
• Naminjiwa Community Technical College
• Phalombe Teachers Training College
• Chitekesa Rural Growth Centre
• Zomba-Phalombe-Chitakale Road

One of the modern markets

• Likoma Jetty
• Likoma Community Technical College
• Likoma Telecentre

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