Three Arrested Over Dzaleka Refugee Camp Murders

Police in the Central Region District of Dowa have arrested three people in connection to gruesome murders and serial attacks at Dzaleka Refugee Camp.

Last week, local newspapers reported that that refugees and asylum seekers at the camp in Dowa are living in constant fear following an upsurge in gruesome attacks at the site.

Last Sunday, a 47-year old Rwandan national Bavumiragira Deogratias survived an attack at the camp. This followed a confirmed killing of a woman and a boy.

Deogratias survived death when attackers broke into his hut where they strangled him and tied him to the bed. He is currently recuperating at Francisco Palau Community Hospital at Mtengowanthenga (popularly known as Mtengowanthenga Mission Hospital) in Dowa. A young brother and guardian to Deogratias, Ndayambashi Muhammad, complained that the police were not cracking whip on suspected criminals let alone investigating the crimes in spite of receiving the complaints from the victims and their relatives.

“No one should cheat you that they are coming from outside. They are our fellow refugees and asylum seekers. But what baffles us is why the police are taking ages to conclude their investigations,” he said.

“Do they want to see all being killed to start making arrests? Or are they waiting until we take the law into our hands for them to enforce the law?” asked Muhammad.

However, Dowa Police Station public relations officer Kondwani Kandiado said on Tuesday that the police have all along been investigating the matter.

“The case file was opened on the two murders; and, so far, one has been arrested in connection to these killings. He is now remanded to Maula Prison.

“On the recent attack, two people – Mizigiyiman, 18, and Bigiriman, 37, both from Burundi – have been arrested. They refused to provide their surnames. The third suspect is at large,” he explained.

Kandiado also disclosed that the police have since intensified security, among others, running day and night patrols at the camp.

Dzaleka Refugee Camp has six locations (areas) namely Blantyre, Kawale, Katupya, Likuni, Lisungwi and Zomba. The refugees and asylum seekers say it is Blantyre that is the most notorious in criminal activities.

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