Those Who Specialize In Making Noise Will Cry Foul Again In 2019-APM

President Mutharika: MCP Will lose Again In 2019

Malawi President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has appealed to all patriotic Malawians and DPP members to stay the course in the work to develop the nation instead of being discouraged by the failures who will lose again in 2019.

“And come 2019, we will fight and win again. Make no mistake about that! And those who specialize in making noise will cry foul again,” he said. That is because the word ‘fail’ is their nature – not DPP’s.

Mutharika reminded that crowd that in 1999, Malawi Congress Party lost the election and said the election was stolen from them.

In 2004, MCP failed again and sang the same song of rigging.

In 2009, MCP failed again, and again blamed their failure on others.

In 2014, MCP yet again failed and lost. And yet again, they claimed that the election was stolen from them.

“Come 2019, they will fail and lose again. And they will say – the election has been stolen from them,” he said.

The President then called upon DPP members to march on with courage, in unity and common purpose, each one being mindful that they are part of the total sum of the DPP.

He spoke against members thinking of themselves more than the party.

Instead, he urged, they should think as a collective and play their respective roles.

“We are proud to be the DPP. Sometimes, we say the party is not doing this. Or the party is not doing that. And yet, you are the party. Everyone is an important member of this party. Everyone can make a difference,” he said.

Mutharika also warned DPP members against abuse of power.

“For those of you holding positions, I want you to remember this. Power is not status. Power is responsibility. And as a party in power, we have a huge responsibility to develop this country,” he said.

President Mutharika commended all patriotic Malawians who are contributing towards making Malawi a success.

“I thank every Malawian who is making this country a success. And we will make this country a great success on this continent. Let us be proud to be what we are!” he urged.

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