The Voice Of Reason Vs Politics Of Rhetoric, Poetry, Emptiness And Everything

Chakwera: A Man Of Flooding Bitterness

When you listen to the leader of opposition, Lazarus Chakwera, you would think nothing is happening in this country.

Yet, when Peter Mutharika takes to the podium, you would also think everything is rosy. Or rather, we are on a determined path to prosperity.

Listening to these two, or their cheerleaders, will leave you confused. That is why I implore you to listen to the voice of reason.

This voice usually comes when you wake up, at 4:30 am, to no electricity. It lingers longer until you can go to bed, at 10 PM, still to no electricity.

When you open your tap and nothing but an angry hiss comes out from the tap, the voice of reason whispers into your soul.

When you walk through university campuses, deserted and abandoned (hostels converted into mating rooms for guards), the voice of reason addresses you.

In the pews of supermarkets, on a month end, when your salary fails to match the prices, you hear the voice of reason.

Even when five years after graduation, you still can’t make heads or tail of the direction of your future (unemployed, unemployable and worthless), you hear that voice of reason.

When you get an inside look into the system, establish how the who-is-who of this country are fattening themselves and their cronies to the national purse, the voice of reason strikes you.

Also, the voice of reason whispers when you are free to post here — any fabrication and lie against the Presidency — yet are free to roam around. Without the Police inviting you for a ‘decent’ chat in Lilongwe.

When you see the Kammwamba Project, and it’s similar twins, taking shape to counter our perennial energy woes, the voice of reason engages you.

In traversing in our townships in roads that would have been impassable were it two years ago, this voice of reason talks to you.

Beyond, and below that (the voice of reason), all you hear are politicians talking politics. Politics of rhetoric, poetry, emptiness and everything.

But you should trust your experience. That is the voice of reason. (Copied from Davie Namusanya’s fb wall)

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