The Story Behind Ben Wokomaatani Malunga’s Poem “Pamfera Nduna”……..NEVER AGAIN!

Ben Malunga was an uncle to David Chiwanga. Chiwanga was raised by Ben’s mother.

In 1983, Ben was in Third Year at Chancellor College. His uncle David Chiwanga came to visit Ben at the College when he came to attend Parliament in Zomba. They shared their smiles and daughters. Chiwanga went back to attend Parliament, residing at Hotel Masongola.

Two days later after visiting Ben, David Chiwanga was brutally murdered for speaking his mind in Parliament.

Ben Malunga was the last relative to see Chiwanga alive. Worse, Ben was not allowed to attend Chiwanga’s hurried funeral.

There was a lot of intimidation and information was suppressed. Ben did not know what had really happened. Everything was a rumour. He never mourned his beloved uncle.

Many years later, Ben Malunga wrote the poem “Pamfera Nduna” which is now viral on

social media and radios.

Malunga: His masterpiece Pamfera Nduna” is now viral on social media and radios

The personal story Ben Malunga has told is a reminder that the victims of MCP atrocities are still with us. There are many people who are still in tears, tears that never dry.

MCP never changed. What is even more scaring even to some MCP members is that the party is currently being led by a small but vicious dictator, Lazarus Chakwera.

The way Chakwera is oppressing critics and purging out people who threaten only says one thing. Malawi Congress Party will kill Malawians again if Chakwera is given state powers to control police and the army. NEVER AGAIN!

The Vehicle That Killed The Four
May Their Souls Continue Resting In Peace

One Response to "The Story Behind Ben Wokomaatani Malunga’s Poem “Pamfera Nduna”……..NEVER AGAIN!"

  1. sipuni calo   November 8, 2018 at 9:47 pm

    yes my uncle. no closure till day. no wonder nsambi tsoka mmalawi muno ,magazi a anthu awa. pano tili pena pake lelo.
    pano tikuimbila mmanja ncaca atavala ngati oombeza maula kumatukwana infront mwa ana. our young generation learning obscene language from the so called bastard minister. my foot


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