The DPP Magic: Where Chilima Failed, Nankhumwa Turns The Charm

Fumbi kuti kobooo

Last month at Nyambadwe Ground in Ndirande Township, Saulos Chilima learnt the cold truth of his political worthlessness.

It was a rally he will never forget. It was a rally that knocked him very hard in the knees and in the elbows. Since that day, he has been a dead man walking, politically.

Ndirande being a populous township, you expect thousands to come to your rally in the area.

But people in Ndirande are not fools. They are very complicated and sophisticated people. They know what they want. They are the political barometer for Malawi.

If you want to measure your political value, Ndirande is the

Blue sea

weighing scales. Last month  Chilima knew his petty value.

He had tried. The rally was preceded by the usual massive advertising UTM does. It came just days after the Registrar of Political Parties had rejected their registration application. So they thought this rally would draw public sympathy for them.

Chilima came to the rally weighed down by scarves of Nomads, Bullets and the Flames. On top of being drunk as he often does in these rallies, these scarves made him look like an actor than a politician.

Ndirande wasn’t charmed. Resident went about their daily chores as if no one was visiting.

And on the issue of the scarves, his naivity was all too bare and angered Ndirande people.

Ndirande is the fan base of Bullets. These are the people who make Bullets. And Bullets are sworn archrivals to Wanderers whose base is mostly Bangwe. Chilima goofed big time in mixing the two teams’ scarves.

But that is not surprising. Chilima knows nothing. He sees things in a simplistic way, that they are as easy as selling airtime.

And people in Ndirande showed him that he is nothing. They did not attend his rally. They rejected him!

Today, as DPP vice president for the South Kondwani Nankhumwa addresses a rally at the same place, Nyambadwe ground is overflowing with people. It is small to contain all. Ndirande has spoken!

That is, where Vice President of this country and President of UTM Saulos Chilima failed, a vice president of the DPP for the Southern Region, Kondwani Nankhumwa, has succeeded.

Chilima is not even a match for Nankhumwa. It is doubtful he would even match a DPP district governor not only in turning up the crowds but also in the finer arithmetic of creating a party structure.

Until today, UTM is just a heap of convicted criminals. It has no structure. It has no constitution. It has no bank account.

Yet Chilima’s ambition is to lead the nation. Malawians in Ndirande showed him they are not ready for someone who does not know what to do.

Tay Grin doing ‘Angolubwa-lubwa’
Blue sea
Impressive audience
Historical crowd

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