The Case Of Spiritual Fathers & Papa’s With Prophet Trevor Kautsire

Prophet Trevor Kautsire

1 Corinthians 4:15 “For though you have Ten Thousand instructors but there are so few fathers. For in Christ Jesus I have become your father through the preaching of the gospel” In this day and age of Father’s & Papa’s it is very easy to mistake an instructor for a father.

There are many people who have spoken wise and powerful words to you and me over the years but that does not make them Father’s or Papa’s. In our generation we have fallen prey to desperate men who have masqueraded as fathers when they are just boys with an oversized ego.

Besides that, not every father is your father. A child with multiple fathers is nothing but a ‘Bastard and the kingdom of God is filled with well gloomed ‘Bastards’. Men and women with a craving of calling everyone Papa. Sons and daughters are birthed through the preaching of the gospel and not by prophecy, air tickets and not by a financial hand shake. If indeed children take after their fathers then the church and the world is in serious trouble because we are replicating a rotten breed of fathers. However, though this is the case God has preserved a breed of Father’s that will preach and teach the true gospel to a world that desperately needs to reconnect to God and not to another, PAPA. ~ Prophet Trevor Kautsire ~

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    it make sense tough


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