The Boom Of Glass Houses: A Symbol Of National Progress

HTD Complex: One of the magnificent glass buildings in Blantyre

Glass houses are now becoming common in Malawi’s cities.  In the past, they were very few and could be counted.

Glass houses are probably the ultimate in self-indulgence of city dwelling. The tinted glass houses give one, the privilege of hiding in an office while you enjoy the sight of the city streets.

The multi-storeyed glass house standing along the road to Sanjika palace was the first wonder of a glass-house in Blantyre city.

After this building was completed, curious children and some adults would stop for minutes, stand still, gazing in wonder how in Malawi a glass-house was able stand on its feet without falling, and how dare the people working in this building risked their lives daily.

No wonder, people called it ‘chiyumba cha magalasi’, an expression of their wonder of the possibility of a glass-house in Malawi.

It took some years before any glass-house came up. And that is why it remained a wonder of Blantyre city.

It is only recently, that multi-storeyed glass houses have started mushrooming in the city.

Today, if you move in the Malawi cities, the glass-houses are almost every corner. For example in Makata Industrial area alone, there is the Fatani Building which houses The Nation Publications (NPL) and the Abdul Majid City Motors, which houses KIA motors and other offices.

Passing by these glass buildings, one usually imagines what life is like in there. Apart from the many benefits associated with glass-buildings, one of the benefits is that they are noise breakers. This offers one the convenient to work in crowded-noisy cities.

And who wants not to work in a convenient office? Glass-houses could indeed be a symbol of national progress.

38 Responses to "The Boom Of Glass Houses: A Symbol Of National Progress"

  1. Collins Kachimanga   October 5, 2017 at 5:51 pm

    Our towns in bt and limbe are too old because we have a city watchdog who cant bark. Bwenzi pano atagwetsa manyumba omwe ali pa chiopsezo mu limbe omwe adapangidwa x, mpaka pano akulephera kugwetsa. mukufuna aphe anthu kaye ndiye muzizagwetsa bwino. Malo ambiri angokhala osamangidwa, osawalanda bwanji ndikupatsa anthu a ndalama kuti amange malo amenewo kuti ma town athu ayambe kuoneka bwino. ma town okalamba adamanga atsamunda onyansa kwambiri africa yonse. eish

  2. Crispin Casper Lev   October 5, 2017 at 5:54 pm

    Kkkkkk why don’t u say Devils Praised Party ndiwo amanga ?

  3. Fello Bonjesi   October 6, 2017 at 4:58 am

    What is called a slow development.


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