The Admiration And Preoccupation Allan Ntata Has For ‘Field Marshal’ Ben Phiri Sets The Tone For 2024 Polls

Ntata: He Has A Special Admiration For Dr. Ben Phiri

Very rarely has self-acclaimed barrister and legal consultant, Allan Ntata, proved his insinuations beyond reasonable doubt in all his tantrum-ridden articles against government in the media.

His, is a load of guess work which he calls theories. Problem is he is the only one who labours to force those insinuations on others despite the public being not interested in him any longer.

The few remnants of followers he had have completely walked away from him after he lied about the health of the State President months back.

Truth be told, Ntata has become invalid to Malawi’s course of life.

His recent outbursts in Sunday Times are a stubborn characteristic of his invalidity. No sane person just wakes up and fabricates stories for the sake of gaining space in the media sphere.

For the fact that he must submit material to Times Group media outlets, Ntata over the past week chose to fill his column with insinuations that some ‘Prime Minister’ is harboring ambitions to become President in the near future.

One argument he posits is that simply because the ‘Prime Minister’ has accumulated so much wealth then it automatically means he wants to take charge of affairs as Head of State at a later stage.

Going by such a logically-split notion, one notices the anomaly in Ntata’s reasoning. Does anyone with a lot of money automatically translates to a power-seeking being?

If it were true that a fat bank account equals state power then why can’t other filthy rich Malawians just walk onto the political field and grab political power at will?

Ntata of all people should understand that politics is a system that survives on strategic placement of interlocking functions in a quest to mobilize masses around specific goals.

Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika And Dr. Ben Phiri Confer At A Public Event

This political system does not just propel someone to the top simply because they have money, no. One needs to be in sync with people’s aspirations and seek ways to use political power to improve livelihoods.

Even in a situation that someone within the DPP aspires for any post at an appointed time, it should not be Ntata’s concern at this stage. Everyone knows that the ruling DPP has a serving party and State President in place and no succession plans have been discussed.

When time comes for such a discussion to take place in the run up to the 2024 polls, the party will discuss succession issues through its right channels.

For now Ntata can only hint on his wishes and it seems he is preoccupied with the ‘Prime Minister’

Going by his description of the ‘Prime Minister’ it is clear that Allan Ntata is spending sleepless nights devising ways to fight DPP’s senior member Dr Ben Phiri.

If that is the case then the self-acclaimed lawyer should just come out clean and declare his admiration for Dr Ben Phiri, to an extent of wishing him the Presidency in 2024 or beyond. (Special Analysis By Beston C. Mkandawire)

One Response to "The Admiration And Preoccupation Allan Ntata Has For ‘Field Marshal’ Ben Phiri Sets The Tone For 2024 Polls"

  1. mavi yambuzi   December 30, 2016 at 4:51 am

    is this an analysis or an attack? if u say all his followers of Ntata has run away then how did u get wat he was talking if there is no one following him?

    why r u spending ur time n brain to write about someone who u say has nothing to offer?
    The truth is wat Ntata says is always true. he lied about APM health how? mesa do u think u can stil cheat us the way u did fat Bingu is alive while Not.
    sometimes the best way to make pipoz view not followd is by never talk abouy them.


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