Tears For Allan Namoko

Like a minstrel,Allan Namoko of Chimvu Jazz Band stopped at my residence one day in the early 1980’s and played several songs for me,at a fee. His music was no copy cat of anybody. His songs told a story,a story acknowledging a good deed or expressing gratitude for a good turn,the good turn which deserved another. Namoko could do no other than compose a song in return for the good turn like this one:

Munandisokera kathumba,
Ndizaikamo ndarama,
Kuti zisamataike.
Another one expressed gratitude for unspecified kind gesture as follows:
Achimwene Chephowera,
Sindimadziwa kuti mtima wanu ngotere,
Ndadziwa lero,
Ndinu abwino.
And there was another one advising a rude and cheeky Lameck to respect and be proud of his parents,it went thus:
Lameck tabwera,
Tabwera ndikuuze,
Ndikuuze malangizo,
Malangizo abwino,
Mwana amanyada ndi bambo ake,
Kapena ndi mai ake.
Today my heart bleeds to see children being disrespectful to their parents including those in authority.

(By Daniel Undani)

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  1. santana   December 29, 2016 at 2:35 pm

    He was genius indeed. The man was unique. And he was creative. I fell in love with his songs when I was in std 6 in the 80s. Njoka yofatsa, Patse-patse nkulanda, Ana Wosiyidwa, a Namoko akulira, the list is just very long. But do we have discs for his songs? I am your customer at 0995487382. MP3.


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