Tchweee-mwana-tchweee! Kamlepo’s son Arrested for impersonating Police

Kamlepo’s son Zaninge Kalua: Arrested

Rains are never stopping falling on the controversial parliamentarian Kamlepo Kalua as the Police in Blantyre have arrested his son Zaninge, for impersonating a police officer.

Zaninge Kalua has been arrested along side  hip-hop artist Excess and two others.

Zaninge was arrested Monday evening together with Kingsley Phiri, musician Excess born Bright Chiligo and another person yet to be identified.

Southern Region Police Public Relations Officer, Ramsey Mushani confirmed the arrest but refused to divulge more details.

“Right now our investigators are on the ground pursuing the issue. We will be able to have more information once they finish their investigations. But I can confirm that we have arrested the four and are in our custody right now,” said Mushani.

Zaninge and the other three are currently being kept at Blantyre police station (Wenela) while law-enforcers investigating the issue further.

The four, according to information we have sourced, impersonated police officers in a car deal involving former Prophet Bushiri’s Public Relations Officer (PRO), Kelvin Sulugwe.

They have since been charged with impersonating a police officer contrary to Section 99 (B) of the Penal Code.



16 Responses to "Tchweee-mwana-tchweee! Kamlepo’s son Arrested for impersonating Police"

  1. Levi Spikiri Kalitsilo   June 20, 2017 at 4:56 pm

    Kodi amene mumangoti ‘go and arrest Chaponda’ why do you force that have no case against him (chaponda) to arrest him bwanji? Why can’t you who have evidence go and arrest him?

    Awa anali ndi umboni kuti mnyamatayu wachita za unkhungu mkona akamukwidzinga. Inunso pitani mukamunjate Chaponda ngati umboni muli nawo.


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