Super Sakuwa Celebrates With Mothers At Area 25 Health Centre

Noble Gesture: Enoch Chithonje making the donation
Super Sakuwa Steel Limited company has donated various items to mothers at Area 25 Health Centre maternity wing as part of new year celebrations.

The company’s Marketing and Sales Executive, Enoch Chithonje said this festive season is great time to celebrate with expectant mothers and those who have given birth as well as the newly born children as a way of welcoming them to this world.

“We are talking of newly born babies who have joined us on this planet on the first date of this year 2018. These are our future customers, so, we are welcoming them. And as much as we understand that there are so many problems but this is our very best to support the mothers and celebrate together with them.” Said Chithonje
Chithonje emphasised that if these newly born children are well taken care of, they can grow into productive citizens who will transform Malawi into a better country than it is now.

“If we can raise these young children they will become reliable citizens who will make Malawi a better country.” He noted, adding “we believe that if these mothers and everyone takes responsibility of taking care of these children they will become good citizens. Some of these children will be prospective businessmen, and others policy makers.”

Nicholas Msiska:This is a timely donation
Chithonje also pledged that his company will look into ways to support the health facility on some of the challenges that the facility is experiencing including lack of enough infrastructure which was highlighted as major problem by officials at the health facility.

“As a Malawian company we believe that Malawi can best be developed by Malawians, so we are people who must be responsible. But as people who have lives of our customers in our heart, we will strategize and do something over it. May be a ward could be constructed by our company. Very shortly we will accomplish that.” He pledged

Super Sakuwa Steel Limited donation included assorted groceries worth over K500 thousand given to all pregnant mothers and mothers who have just given birth at the health facility.
“We are very happy with this timely donation from Super Sakuwa to expectant mothers and those who have given birth at this facility.” Expressed Nicholas Msiska, a Nursing Officer Incharge of the maternity wing at Area 25 Health Centre

“Most of our patients lack some of the items like ones that have been given to them today. But these items are necessary to such patients, so we appreciate Super Sakuwa for this gesture.” Added Msiska who indicated that the facility serves the population of over 500 thousand people

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  1. James Kakowa   January 1, 2018 at 4:10 pm

    Kkkkkkk which various of items and for how much?


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