Stop Hate And Savage Politics-Bakili Muluzi

Muluzi: Democracy or no democracy, you cannot call your own President a mtchona

Former President Dr Bakili Muluzi has reprimanded politics of hate and insults which some politicians are practising in Malawi and has called for a stop to such politics.

Muluzi expressed the displeasure at the national convention of the United Democratic Front (UDF) being held in Blantyre.

“Democracy or no democracy, you cannot call your own President a mtchona,” said Muluzi in direct reference to Callista Mutharika and her colleagues in Saulos Chilima’s United Transformation Movement.

Struggling to offer a viable and realistic policy alternative, Chilima and his members have resorted to strange brand of politics of insults and hate against the President, the First Lady and members of the DPP.

Callista: Censored

At UTM rallies and media interviews, Callista who is a sister-in-law to Mutharika and Presidential Advisor on Safe Motherhood, has been calling the President and the First Lady all sorts of names.

Muluzi said calling President Mutharika names such as a mtchona (in reference to his long stay outside the country) is uncalled for and  must stop.

“As a person who fought hard to bring democracy in Malawi, I find it disheartening when people call the President names,” Dr Muluzi said.

President Mutharika has suffered personal insults and attacks from the opposition and critics since he assumed power – without him hitting back as he keeps his focus on developing the nation.

When asked about the attacks on ZBS television in December last year, he said; “I don’t take the insults personally, although I think name calling is not right.”

Kaliati: In hate politics

Callista makes a line-up of foul-mouthed individuals in UTM that include Patricia Kaliati, Noel Masangwi and Bon Kalindo who specialise in insults and name calling as their political style.

However, their brand of politics is receiving huge condemnation on social media from Malawians who clearly show they have matured in democracy and favour civilized and nation-building politics.

UTM is desperately short on development policies.
Where Chilima tries to say what he thinks are new policies, his ideas are unrealistic and mere political rhetoric and unconvincing to the masses – like his bullet trains promise.

And when he gives policies that seem sound,  they are not original as they are a copy and paste of DPP policies many of which are being implemented now.

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