Standard Bank Takes Customers To Pan African Trade Indaba

…Broadly inclusive pan-African initiative to drive growth on the continent

Kubwalo-Chaika( second from left) with three businness people

Standard Bank hosted three Malawian businesses at a highly successful annual trans-regional trade and business conference in Lagos, Nigeria.

The annual Trans Regional Conference  held from 1 -4 July, also attracted other Standard Bank clients from across the continent, key government officials, legislators, and representatives of regional growth and development bodies to provide the Malawian entities an opportunity to network and sharpen their business acumen.

The Malawian representatives were Harold Jere Managing Director of Anderson Engineering, Vijay Mittal Managing Director of Bakelines Limited and Kenneth Khonje Managing Director of Einstein Construction.

Jere described the conference outcomes as fruitful and thanked Standard Bank for treating the Malawi representatives as partners in business.

“The conference was an eye opener for me on opportunities the bank is able to create elsewhere outside Malawi. This reflects and confirms the stature of Standard Bank as Africa’s largest,” he said.

Jere said the conference provided a platform for customers to connect with other global business leaders.

“Lessons learnt from Lagos will help inspire me and my business to aim higher and achieve more. I trust that the bank will continue on its trajectory to providing opportunities to the indigenous business people by exposing them to the outside world.” he said.

Mittal of Bakelines Limited said; “The conference was well organised, and an eye opener especially following a Case Study on business success in Ghana which was presented  and it was very inspiring.”


On his part, Khonje of Einstein Construction said he was able to connect with potential partners and match makers from East, Southern and West Africa.

“I have already picked up discussions with entrepreneurs from Mozambique. I would like to see Standard Bank continue with these engagements even at smaller scale, but regularly,” he said.

Leader of Malawi Delegation, the Head of Personal and Business Banking Dr Margaret Kubwalo-Chaika said the bank invited local customers to give them the opportunity to tap from Standard Bank’s  Africa and global capabilities, wide footprint and leverage with China.

“The conference provided critical insight into how we are helping clients leverage from Africa’s full cross-border potential,” she said.

An additional feature of this year’s conference was the focus on leveraging Africa’s special relationship with China. The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the world’s largest bank, holds a 20% shareholding in Standard Bank, Africa’s largest bank.

“This critical institutional relationship has resulted in various initiatives across the continent- from Renminbi trading, to Africa-China business centers, and landmark deals–that collectively constitute Standard Bank’s Africa-China trading corridor,” said Kubwalo- Chaika.

Driving Malawi and Africa’s growth means not only connecting Standard Bank clients to opportunities in Africa but also increasing general trade between African countries, she said.

Kubwalo-Chaika( second from left) with three businness people

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