Stand Up For The Village Champion, Manganya

Michael Usi

People like Michael Usi aka Manganya are a type of people that fascinates me. You can tell that he really did put thought into what he was saying as well as his method of delivery.
The pulpit presentation, the spiritualization, the repetitiveness and the accompanying responsiveness goes to show that Manganya understands his audience. Also, prior to the broadcast, the publicity that went before him is simply put, a marvel!
The other person that had a similar knack to reaching Malawians was Dr Muluzi. The content could have been stale but the man had a way of communicating that one needs a considerable amount of time in school to master.
Surveying on social and conventional media on how people have responded to the address, I must say here that Manganya seems to have put people in a state of quandary. He had a number of themes coming from different political positions running in the address which makes it difficult for one to say he or she sides with him or not.
Let us call him a preacher without a bible, preaching about an utopia. ….By all means, his views have got to be respected.
With that having been said, I think there was a fundamental error of thought in what Manganya said about the quota system. Quota is not only a good system, it is a must have system for the Malawi.
The example he used about choosing the national team for the country is wrong. People are chosen to play for the Malawi National team to compete on behalf of the country. While as with the quota system, people are selected to go to the university to be developed for Malawi.
The key is in knowing the deference between competitive and development programs in sports. The quota system is for human resource development and not for competitive performance as such. After graduation, there will be competition for jobs and competition to keep the job. (Jack Banda)

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  1. chindere   March 29, 2017 at 5:03 pm

    the country is in competition with other countries for resources and investments which are raw materials for economic growth. therefore the university is the training institution for players who will play a big role in countries objective of attracting resources and investments for economic growth therefore Manganya’s example of football players also applies


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