St Andrews International High School Student Francis Namboya Commit suicide After an Argument with Mother


St Andrews High School student Francis Namboya, 12, has committed suicide after an argument with his mother as he wanted to go to Kenya on  holiday and see his father.
According to a police report made available to Malawi Voice there was a argument on where the kids would want to go to during Christmas holidays. The mother told the police she urged the kids to go to their father in Kenya during the holidays, but late Francis apparently was refusing. After this argument Francis left the leaving room. The mother said she was baking a cake and asked the young brother where his elder brother was and he said he went to the bathroom. After some five minutes Francis did not come back and this prompted the mother to check on him. They saw through the back window that Francis had hanged himself with his belt. They broke the door and rushed him to Mwaiwathu hospital where he was pronounced dead.
However it is believed that the young brother who was present during the whole episode has contradicted the mothers statement saying the mother actually was shouting at him as he had asked to go the his father in Kenya.
Apparently Francis was facing difficulties at school and thought it would be better if he is staying with his father.

According to close family sources  the kids actually been asking the mother to let them go see their father.

The parents divorced two years ago and the kids have never gone back to Kenya since then. The mother took a court order to have custody of the kids despite customary Lobola paid during their wedding. It is also said the mother blocked off any communication between the kids and their father who has been supporting them financially.
The father pays for their upkeep here in Malawi including  school fees for the two at Phoenix and Saint Andrews.
Apparently the father wanted the kids and their mother to be staying at their luxurious house at Chipima heights in the commercial city of Blantyre, but the mother opted to rent her sister’s house in Chirimba outskirts of which the father pays rentals. The father also pays for taxi to pick up the kids from school everyday.

Last year in December, the father came to visit the kids unfortunately the mother did not allow him to meet his two sons and they were sent to her sister’s place in Dwangwa. The father went back to Kenya without seeing his loving kids after the bitter divorce.

According to eye witness who attended the funeral the fathers family are skeptical of the story that led to Francis suicide and don’t believe an argument over a holiday can send a 12 year old to commit suicide.

Francis was led to rest at H.H.I cemetery on Monday afternoon.

It is not known what will happen to the remaining son after Francis died in her mother’s custody in these circumstances.

The couple had three sons and lived in Kenya before their unfortunate divorce.

Observes believe depriving the kid’s rights to communicate or meet their father for the past two years could have had a toll to the kids as at that age they need not only financially support but also moral support from both parents.

Unfortunately mothers always fight for custody of kids and some say its mainly for financial gain while overlooking the kid’s needs and future.

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