Some Notable Facts From The Bushiri Interview With SABC

“I was born from a rich family, my father was into farming and very rich”…… I remember to have heard him claiming he comes from a humble and poor background and God has elevetad him from rags yo riches. We have seen his pictures from the past and we all marveled at how God can raise up such a man from a poor background to his current status now “a billionaire”.

“I joined my father in farming back in Malawi then i ventured into mining before coming to SA”.. Can somebody please remind me of this mine or mines again.

“I havent travelled using my private jet for the past 10 months because it has been under maintainance”….. Geez! I remember God blessed my “prophet” with 3 private jets. I guess having one from the three under maintainance is not a big problem, the remaining 2 can easily take him through places.. I should say he is such a humble man indeed…..

“15 million Rands is a lot of money, i cant afford such money”.. Hahahahaha! Mr billionaire sir, what happened to your mines? The mobile company? The hotels? You are a rich man Mr prophet sir.. the classy vhicles bwana, 15,000 Rands is nothing.

“The Gospel is cheap but very expensive”.. My Jesus paid it all Mr Bushiri. His blood is enough to set me free. All he wants is my heart not my money.

Now whats next? Bushiri worshipers come beat me, threaten me with your “touch not the annointed” but you better start with the Hawks… God punish them, God kill them, atembeleredwe ma Hawks… Ine pheee watching my God being the God that He is…

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  1. Anonymous   April 21, 2018 at 12:41 pm

    This News paper everydayJealousy about Bushiri ….. We as Malawians we love him … He is our home Village boy we know him better than you.. you jealousy admin.. Stop jealousy now.


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