Sober Reflections On The Maize Issue

Loud & Clear

The whole thing is beginning to sound like much ado about nothing. But we welcome the prudent idea of an independent Commission of Enquiry. Otherwise, the more one reflects on the whole thing, the more you begin to see more politics.

If all the money of maize transaction is still with PTA Bank, if no payment is done to any Zambian seller, where is this crazy theory that money exchanged hands in huge suitcases coming from?

The maize transaction is funded by a line of credit in which the buyer’s bank directly pays into the seller’s bank. Why does Lazarus Chakwera and his team think cash exchanged hands in the transaction? Is it just senseless politics or total ignorance of Government works?

Was the misinterpretation of documents at Times another bid to fool Malawians into believing that there is a huge scandal implicating Government? By the end of the maize story, either Times becomes the media hero or exposes the total failure of journalism and the emergence of propaganda journalism. Let us wait and see!

What is clear is that a category of the media which we can call Yellow Journalism (please goggle it) is creating false alarms and strategising to reverse Joyce Banda’s Cashgate and make DPP look like a cashgate Government. The whole strategy is intended to shield Mrs Joyce Banda from being arrested. The second plan is to infuriate Malawians and create chaos in the country.

The third and specific reason for this maize issue is to make us forget that APM has managed the 2016/2017 hunger well by flooding the country with maize on top of distributing free maize to the most vulnerable people in the villages. We can not also overlook the fact that this whole scheme was meant to annoy and infuriate the donor community into believing that they worked hard to support the most vulnerable Malawians against hunger while Government was borrowing money from banks and exchanging cash in huge suitcases in the name of buying maize for ADMARC. These were the propaganda calculations.

A footnote on the Yellow Press in Malawi. Remember. It was the Yellow Press that created APM’s death while he was at the United Nations. It was Times that created the 7 Ghost Ministers that don’t exist to smear mud at APM. It was the same
Times that has created the maize scandal that scandalous sums of money were paid when the money is still there in the PTA Bank and no payment has been done.

President Mutharika’s decision to appoint an independent Commission of Enquiry, which has been praised by the Opposition in Zambia, was a bold step to declare that Government has nothing to fear and nothing to hide.

It is again a no brainer for one to see that the political calculations of the Malawi Congress Party and Joyce Banda is to create national anger and call for a Vote of No Confidence against the State President at the next sitting of Parliament. This will be followed by calls of impeachment. The political motivation (vera causa) is the same realisation that the Opposition cannot defeat DPP in 2019. This is the thinking of the defeated. As we say in Latin, vae victis: woe the conquered, woe to the conquered. (By Pato Phoya)

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