Slow Down Ama;Cash gate Is Real, It’s Not Just Politics

JB addresing the media upon arrival at Chileka Airport

I am giving Joyce Banda the benefit of doubt, I am not going to say much except to advice her to stay clear from mainline politics.

Cash gate is real! It is not just politics. It happened under her watch and she is not innocent at all. She can’t lie her way out of it and think that Malawians are gullible.

Like they say, like terms attract each other, her troops have recongregated in MCP and we are dealing with that at the moment. We don’t want her to create another bastion of mediocrity.

2019 we are taking no prisoners, we need to cremate the last of Kamuzus rugs to save this nation from more mediocrity.

PP, help Amayi understand. She has no chance and she has no need to start screaming her gibberish around the country. Let her rest!

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