Slip of the Tongue

People particularly the politicians need to watch their tongues when speaking as it takes tact to repudiate later.This is often attributed to off the cuff utterances or slip of the tongue.

Dr Bakili Muluzi,Atcheya, was The Master of Repudiations.Before 1994 Election,he promised people free shoes.When reminded after he had won,he said,”Anthu onse ali m’dziko muno ndingadziwe bwanji saizi yao?Very rhetorical.”And came 1999 campaign,he promised “fetereza wa ulere.“When the issue was raised after election he retorted,”Ndinati fetereza wa yurea osati wa ulere.”

When Chakwera observed that APM’s statement was empty,it was slip of a tongue because even an empty tin is not completely void.Air occupies its space.

And APM’s remark that matters relating to universities were not his responsibility perhaps considering that there were University Councils in place,was also a slip of a tongue because when the chips are down the buck stops at his door step.Let us guard our tongues when we speak to avoid wagging tongues. (‎Daniel Undani )

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  1. Darwin Kamanga   December 29, 2016 at 7:31 pm

    Amawonga dziko kwambili anali muluzi wnuyo ndi woyandikila wake alipoyu xopusa eti panyapanu Achewa


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