Shoe-designer Mwenyemasi Marvels MBC Award: Praises Mutharika’s Youth Policies

Chimwemwe Mwenyemasi: Posing With His Trophy and Certificate

One of this year’s MBC Innovative Award recipients Chimwemwe Mwenyemasi has described the award as a “strong and timely call to duty”.

Last Friday, the public broadcaster, Malawi Broadcasting Cooperation (MBC) recognized the 27 year old Mwenyemasi for his creative skills in shoe designing, awarding him with a trophy, K1million and a fully sponsored trip to Peoples Republic of China.

Speaking to Malawi Voice on Monday, Mwenyemasi said the award was a turning point in his shoe-designing business.
“This is a call to duty. A call for me to do more. This award is not only motivating me, but giving me a picture of the task ahead.

“I am going to inject the K1million in the business, while I am looking forward to the skills the trip to China is going to expose me to,” said Mwenyemasi.

Early this year, Mwenyemasi was one of the panelists at a young leaders panel discussion on hosted by Malawi President Peter Mutharika where he said it ended up exposing him to well researched documents on youth empowerment.
“Since that panel discussion we had with the State President, I have had the chance to access various documents regarding how the Government, the president in particular, intend to empower the youth. The president has matched his plans with action on the ground, and Comminity Technical Colleges are evidence to that, all, we young people, can do is to join hands with those implementing such policies so that what belongs to us, should reach us.

“A lot has happened since that panel discussion. The President and the First lady have been very supportive and am not taking it for granted. I know the only heartfelt thank you I can give them is to make sure that the shoe making business employ other youth. In the same line, let me also thank the former MP for my area John Bande for taking it personal just to make sure that I succeed,” he said.

Mwenyemasi further hailed Mutharika for instructing that civil servants should be wearing traditional attires on Fridays.

“People are now buying my shoes in numbers never anticipated before. I can only appeal to other designers to strive for quality if the current gains in the sector are to be sustained,” he said.

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Meanwhile, Mwenyemasi has disclosed that discussions are on the pipeline for him to join the Community Technical College as a trainer of trainers in shoe making.
“This will negatively impact my production, but am accepting the offer because of the general good my services will bring to the country,” said Mwenyemasi.
He added that currently he is training four people, and that his company should be able to produce not less than 50 pair of shoes on a daily basis.

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  1. ANDREW MPANGOWALIMBA PHIRI   December 18, 2017 at 4:56 am

    Dear Sirs

    Please send me the details of Chimwemwe Mwenyemasi, for Mwenyemasi Shoe Company, mainly the email address and telephone numbers. I was impressed with his entrepreneurial skills.

    Last night the 17 December 2017 I was watching MBC TV documentation about him while here in Botswana. Mind you we have clear access to MBC TV and Radio. Thanks for this innovation, we are not left out of the events happening in our mother land Malawi.

    I am a Malawian resident in Gaborone -Botswana. My numbers are 00267 73210353, 00267 71885011.

    On this note , May the Malawi Government leadership and management of MBC receive my heartfelt appreciation for also coming up with an innovative idea to honour other Innovators of the year. I was really impressed with the decision of the panel who chose that young man Kampeni as innovator of Innovators.

    I understand that he is a self made teacher of more than 350 pupils in Kunthembwe Area single handed, no salary strike, no salary increment at the end of the year, He is a headmaster, Sports master, teacher classes 1-7 etc , receiving just MK 10,000.00 a month which is almost BWP130.00 in Botswana. Malawi has indeed people with big heart they just need a push to make things happen.

    The young man indeed deserved the award, he was just a simple man , clearly humble, cool and collective. Even his dressing before the president really showed he has a heart to serve others more than himself.

    I Thank also the sponsors of that event mainly our brother Mr.Simbi Phiri the Managing Director of Khatho Civils and Zambezi. That was really social responsibility at its best.

    Kind Regards-

    Andrew Mpangowalimba Phiri



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