San B Denies Joining Politics

San B:I am failing to understand why these reports have gone far and wide

Malawi’s celebrated musician, San B has refuted reports that he has joined politics and aiming to contest for a parliamentary seat in Ndirande next year.

It was reported that the gospel musician is currently holding a football bonanza in Ndirande as part of his campaign strategy.

San B, born San Bennet Mkolera said that he has not joined politics and that people should not be moved by the reports.

“I am failing to understand why these reports have gone far and wide. I have never thought of joining politics and this is surprising me,” said San B.

San B further said this is not the first time for him to come up with such an initiative as it was his fourth time that he had brought a football bonanza in Ndirande.

“Sometimes it is good to give back to the society without expecting something in return. It should not be a culture to bring such initiatives when one is aiming for a political seat,” said San B.

San B said he was currently busy with his business and music as he was planning to put his album “Vision” on the market soon.

San B started his Music career in 1999 with secular Dancehall Music and went gospel.




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