SA, Malawi To Sign MOU On Migration, Economic Development

President Peter Mutharika welcomes South African High Commisioner to Malawi, Thanjiwe Mtintso at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe-(c) Abel Ikiloni, Mana

South Africa and Malawi governments will soon sign Agreements on migration, economic development and trade, new South African High Commissioner to Malawi, Thenjiwe Mtintso, disclosed on Thursday in Lilongwe.

The High Commissioner said this at Kamuzu Palace after presenting Letters of Credence to President Prof. Peter Mutharika to assume her role as her country’s envoy to Malawi.

Mtintso said the Agreements would help strengthening the two government’s bilateral ties and that they would also help solving challenges the two countries face especially in migration.

“In our discussions with President Mutharika we have agreed on the need for an Agreement on migration to solve the challenges our people face when they travel,” said the new South African High Commissioner.

She continued: “Much as there is freedom of movement, people have to travel within the law and Malawians should be discouraged from traveling not only to South Africa but to any country when they do not have proper documents.”

The South African High Commissioner to Malawi said the ties between Malawi and South Africa dated back to the ancestral migration of the Zulu people from South Africa to Malawi and that the two countries had a lot of commonalities.

Mtintso said she had also discussed with President Mutharika the need for the two countries to have a Memorandum of Understanding on infrastructural development, besides the Agreements on economic development and trade.

Malawi is among the Southern African countries whose citizens migrate in thousands to South Africa in search for greener pasture. (By Kondwani Magombo, Lilongwe, February 9, 2017, Mana)

South African High Commisioner to Malawi, Thanjiwe Mtintso presents her letters of Credence to President Peter Mutharika at Kamuzu Palace, Lilongwe-(c0 Abel Ikiloni, Mana

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