Running Africa Just For Mulanje Orphans: British’s Good Samaritan Brendan Rendall Now Heads To Blantyre

Good Samaritans: Brendan and Magombo Running for Mulanje orphans

A British citizen Brendan Rendall has embarked on a 4000km running journey aimed at raising £75,000 (about K75 million) for the construction of a boys hostel for the Friends of Mulanje Orphans (FOMO).

Dubbed Running Africa, Coast to Coast, the journey started on June 3 and has taken Rendall from Namibia to Mozambique via Zambia and Malawi running about 42 kilometers a day.

Speaking during a brief stopover in Malawi’s capital city of Lilongwe on enroute to Malawi’s Southern Region Rendall had this to say:

“Its been an incredible experience; the landscapes, the beauty, the heat, battling with wildlife but the most important thing from Namibia, Zambia and here in

Woodworth: Let’s support this noble cause

Malawi is the kindness of people, children joining me running along the side of the road, villages have welcomed us to camp, it has been a wonderful experience,” said Rendall who is currently on the Malawi leg of the journey.

“Education is one important thing that you can have and i hope through this course we can raise enough money for FOMO and give some of the vulnurable orphans a home so that they can study and go to school. Education is the key to everything as it opens doors and its a good stepping stone,” he said.

Meanwhile FOMO’s Founder Mary Woodworth has appealed to well wishers across the globe to donate towards the course.

Magombo: Joined Rendall during this noble cause

“Education is the best gift you can give to a child and the future of Malawi depends on it so please help,” she said.

In 2016, Randon run from Chitipa to Nsanje raising £35,000 for the construction of a science block for FOMO.

The Friends of Mulanje Orphans started in 2000 and has about 3500 orphans. One of them is Emmanuel Magombo who is running with Randon for this particular course.

Brendan: It’s been an incredible experience
Good Samaritan: Running for Mulanje orphans

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  1. John Smith   August 13, 2018 at 2:08 pm

    Very good initiative for orphans and we do support such kind of events. Appreciate it.


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