Road to 2019: Monsignor Tamani Contradicts Archbishop Msusa

Bishop Msusa: Contradicted

Vicar General for Blantyre Archdiocese Monsignor Boniface Tamani has told Catholics that it is wrong for any leader in the church to tell them which party or person they should vote for in any election.

Tamani’s statement is in a sharp contrast to what his boss, Archbishop Msusa told Catholics recently at Limbe Cathedral that they should vote for the embattled vice president Saulos Chilima because he is a Catholic.

Tamani said the Catholic Church or any leader of the Church has no mandate to tell Catholics which political party or candidate they should vote for.

He said Christians belong to different political parties and choosing a party or candidate for them is tantamount to bringing confusion in the church.

He said the church is there to help its followers pray better.

Tamani was speaking when he gave the sacrament of confirmation at St. Montfort parish in Blantyre.

On July 7, during the ordination of 11 priests at Limbe Cathedral, where Chilima was in attendance, Archbishop Msusa urged Catholics to vote for the VP because he is a Catholic.

Msusa received backlash for his statement.

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