Road To 2019: Chakwera Promises Universities In Every District

Majestic: One of the universities delivered by the DPP administration

After failing to build universities for a period of 31 years, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazurus Chakwera has shamefully declared that his party has now a policy to construct and establish universities in every district.

Ironically during its 31years in power, MCP popularly known as the ‘crocodile party’ only managed to build one university while the DPP regime has six universities under its belt namely Luanar, Malawi University of Science and Technology (Must), the new Poly, the new Chancellor College and the forthcoming Mombera University.

Speaking in Mzimba where he conducted a whistle stop tour in the areas of Madisi, Kamwe and Engucwini Trading Centres, Chakwera said the universities will address the challenges many students are facing to access tertiary education.

He added that he will work on abolishing the current selection of students in public schools and universities popular known Quota System.

The new look Malawi Polytechnic under the DPP government

“National Universities will never be enough with the demand. Even in United States of America (USA) some students still face challenges to access high education in national universities.

“Therefore, we have a policy to work on National universities and later construct others in regions and districts. This will ensure that some students who have failed to be accommodated in national universities should be enrolled in regional and district universities,” Chakwera said.

In agriculture, Chakwera retairatted that once voted into government he will ensure to implement universal subsdisy.

He also said MCP will make sure tax payers money to is used for intended purpose of development.

Ground work at the Mombera University


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