Road To 2019: Archbishop Msusa Campaigns For Chilima

Chilima and Msusa

Archbishop Thomas Msusa on Saturday turned the ordination of 11 priests into campaign ground for Vice President Saulos Chilima as preferable presidential candidate in next year’s elections.

This is contrary to what the Catholic Church preaches and also contrary to the latest Episcopal Conference of Malawi statement which Msusa himself calling on the priests not to campaign for any candidate or political party.

The bishops also made clear the stand of the church that it will not campaign for any candidate or political party.

But Msusa, who is Head of the Catholic Church in Malawi brought the church into disrepute on Saturday by going against the principles of his own church.

He called on Catholics to vote for Chilima if he has the qualities as stipulated in the bishops’ April 2018 pastoral letter.

He said: “Next year we should not vote for leaders because they come from our region, religion or tribe. Let us vote for visionary, God fearing and transformative leaders. But, please listen carefully, if this God fearing, visionary and transformative leader comes from your church or region dont hesitate to vote for him,.”

As he said these words, priests were seen whispering to one another feeling uncomfortable and in disagreement.

Msusa is known to be one of the bishops campaigning for Chilima.

Several priests in Blantyre we talked to, said they were shocked with the bishop’s sentiments.

They said their bishop was moved by money.

When Chilima arrived at the ceremony, Msusa welcomed him with smiles and led him to his seat.

He also gave him an opportunity to speak to the congregation although the official programme did not show that the VP would speak.

2 Responses to "Road To 2019: Archbishop Msusa Campaigns For Chilima"

  1.   July 8, 2018 at 8:26 am

    Tawasiyeni ma Pharisees awa akuona ngati baby wawoyo angawine opanda any grassroot structure with his socalled Chilima Movement?

  2. laurentnamalanda   July 8, 2018 at 5:15 pm

    Msusa more fire


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