Rev. Maurice Maunthali Confirms Of Obstructing First Lady’s Convoy: We Wanted To Overtake The Convoy

Munthali: We wanted to overtake the convoy

After my meetings in Lilongwe on 9th May 2018 I had to quickly drive to Blantyre for a patient at QECH.

A few kilometers after Chingeni (Zalewa Turn-off) we found a seemingly very dignified motorcade. Behind the convoy was another vehicle which we wanted to overtake thinking it was not part of the convoy. After noticing that we were being prevented from overtaking it, we decided to drive behind this vehicle and all the other vehicles infront of us. This happened for close to 30 minutes.

Upon arrival at Zalewa road block, the police stopped my car and told me that I had to answer a case and hence I needed to give a statement explaining what was my intention by wanting to overtake the convoy which they said was against the laws (if they exist). It was only then that I knew the convoy was escorting the First Lady.

However I was not prepared at all to give the statement & indeed I didn’t because I felt there was no need for me to do so. I strongly felt there was no case for me to answer.

After some time, I was allowed by the very understanding Police officers to proceeded with my journey to Blantyre where I am as I write.

He wrote on his Facebook page.

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