Rehabilitation Hope:Giving Hope To Malawians Suffering From Orthopedic Neurological And Pediatric

Members of staff captured at the centre

The Rehabilitation Hope has stepped up its community engagement in an effort to shrink different orthopedic neurological and pediatric sufferings, which most of them are curable if attended early.

Monica Kastigu, founder and Executive director for Rehabilitation Hope different orthopedic neurological and pediatric conditions are treatable if they are diagnosed in their early stages.

“Low back pain, hip pain, neck pain, arthritis, stroke, paralysis, facial palsy…all these are treatable if the community identify them earlier and rush to a health facility”, Kastigu said

“That is the reason why we would like to step up our efforts in engaging the community, raising awareness, giving them hope that these conditions are not fatal.”

Work in progress

Kastigu said this Saturday, “We are having a mobile consultation exercise. Our team will be moving around Zomba talking and interacting with people, answering questions that people may be asking while distributing fliers”.

Rehabilitation Hope is a company that has medical rehabilitation centres in Limbe, Chitawira and Zomba.

She said they provide physiotherapy, occupation therapy and language and speech therapy for both adults and children.

“At first we were only treating adults, but after noticing that children also have cases that need attention, we opened a rehabilitation facility for children specifically to treat cerebral palsy, down syndrome, mental retardation, hydrocephalus, autism, learning difficulties.”

Presently Rehabilitation Hope has centers in Zomba, Chitawira and Limbe.

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