Reach Out And Touch: DPP Aspirant Alex Chimwala Bails-Out Downpour Victims In BT City East

Blessed is the hand that giveth: Chimwala donating to one of the victims

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) aspirant Alex Chimwala on Monday donated plastic sheets, blankets, food stuffs to 27 households in Blantyre City East whose houses were damaged by the heavy rains.

The 27 households are from Mapanga Ward whose houses needed major maintenance after the rain waters run havoc on their houses.

Looking at the situation of the damaged houses, Chimwala had to cough K500,000 to buy the necessities to assist the victims but he was quick to say that most households were looking for iron sheets which he alone could not manage to provide.

Responsible citizen: Chimwala and team inspect the damage

“The K500,000 used to buy the relief items is not enough according to the degree of the damaged houses. I have only helped them with plastic sheets at least to cover the fallen walls and roofs, blankets to warm themselves, foodstuffs as a starter pack but we are asking more well wishers to come in and support them.

“It is unfortunate that companies doing their businesses are not forthcoming with their corporate social responsibilities and give back to the communities that give them business. It’s very sad that there is even no clinic at Kachere, Youth centre at Makhetha, Technical vocational training centre in Machinjili and also Under Five Clinic. It’s a very pathetic situation as patients are being treated under the Mango Tree while Makhetha primary school has no running water,” said Chimwala.

The Good Samaritan who won the primary elections 1,790 votes against 91 Ada Manda

Pathetic situation
Blessed is the hand that giveth: Chimwala donating to one of the victims

said the rains damaged the houses three days ago with
19 houses in Area 6 and 8 while the 8 were from Makalanga.

Blantyre City East is currently under Noel Masangwi who won it under DPP ticket from John Bande previously of People’s Party. This time around Bande is contesting on Independent ticket.

IMAGES: Chimwala inspecting some of the damaged houses, giving assorted items to some of the victims

The Good Samaritan doing what he knows best
Sad situation: Rainstorm destroyed over 20houses in Machinjili Blantyre City East Constituency.

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