Racism & Mistreatment At FMB: Local Staff Grossly Being Abused…Malawians Being Called “Pieces Of Bullshit”

FMB’s Asset and Liability Management Committee

Local staff in the Credit Department at FMB in Blantyre, are working in fear while others have resorted to resigning from their jobs due to what they call ‘abuse and mistreatment by one of the Bank’s Senior managers, The Manager in question is Group General Manager for Credit, Kobus Louw who is an expatriate from white South Africa.

Sources at FMB have confided to Malawi Voice that Kobus is fond of calling his fellow managers, (of Malawian origin) in his department ‘stupid’ or ‘pieces of bullshit’ almost on a daily basis. Authorities are however not aware of these alleged mistreatment and racist remarks as nobody has been bold enough to report him for fear of reprisals.

“A number of managers in the department have left the Bank not in search of greener pastures but running away from their fellow manager,” said the source.

He said in 2016 three Credit Managers also resigned because they had enough of his abusive language from him.

“In January and April 2017, two Credit Managers have also left FMB because of the mistreatment of the same boss. Some of these managers are still jobless as they left the Bank because of abuse and not for other jobs. He undermines the knowledge and skills of black managers,” said our source. Recently, President Peter Mutharika warned that government will deport and foreigner who will have been found to have racially abused Malawians on the basis of their colour.

18 Responses to "Racism & Mistreatment At FMB: Local Staff Grossly Being Abused…Malawians Being Called “Pieces Of Bullshit”"

  1. Wilford Hussein   April 20, 2017 at 6:40 am

    Tell that busted to go away from MALAWI.

  2. Fanny Malikebu   April 20, 2017 at 1:23 pm

    ln short let those bosses who feel they are too superior to manage and supervise some juniors whom they feel are not worthy their posts be reported unknownmously via secrets ballots or be reported via disciplinary committees or and the organisation which looks after all workers in Malawi. For bankers can even be reported to their association committee. l know what that means. lt doesn’t matter whether it’s a foreigner or local… an abuser is an abuser. We want to cut the chain of such calibre of bosses in our offices. Let’s make our offices conducive for work. Even workers harassing us need to be reported as well….there are so many abusers in work places not only foreigners even locals who have cruel hearts and are after fellow workers. Nepotism etc… Ena kusowesa ana mmaoffice mtenderenso onse falls under this category ine tsikana wina akandilembela ma email ondisowensa mtendere(intimidating emails in the office) ndili bungwe lina kaya kwao ku Blantyre kaya Chikwawa kaya ku Zomba etc… l applied the harrassment rule just report such boss. Tsikana oyipa ngati ameneyo ndinali ndisananuonepo pa dziko lapansili olo dontho.

  3. Mungo Kumilonde Snr   April 20, 2017 at 5:54 pm

    Zochedwa osangomuswa bwanji


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