Propaganda Backfires: Mockery Of The Dead As MCP Lies About Reconciling With Victims They Murdered

Propaganda Backfires
Malawi Congress Party’s desperation to erase its blood-bathed past has reached crisis proportions after an abortive attempt to spin that a son of late Dick Matenje, hammered to death by MCP in 1983, joined the Party that murdered his father.

The propaganda backfired after the real son of Dick Matenje, representing his family, issued a press release stating that the Don Matenje whom MCP paraded is not son of the Dick Matenje who MCP killed in 1983 alongside Aaron Gadama, Twaibu Sangala and David Chiwanga in the infamous Mwanza Murder.

In the statement dated March 11, 2018 the family dicloses that none of the children of the late Dick Matenje has joined Malawi Congress Party.

May Their Souls Continue Resting In Peace
“Mr Don John Matenje is the son of the late John Tennyson Matenje, the brother of the late Dick Matenje,” reads the statement.

And the family categorically states that Don John Matenje’s political views “do not represent those of the immediate family of the late Dick Matenje.”

MCP paraded Matenje in its desperate but failed attempt to make itself relevant and wash away its blood-bathed past.

The attempt to erase the memories of relations of those people it killed goes against the Malawian tradition for people to keep memories of their departed loved one.

The MCP attempts to create an impression that the party has reconciled with the dead they killed shows how the party is haunted by those it killed without giving an apology to Malawians.

On 14 May 2017, the president of the party Lazarus Chakwera told Malawians that the party killed and tortured many people.

“I have to confess that many people were left with scars during the MCP rule and we need to do a lot to heal their psychological pains.”

Malawi Congress Party has never addressed the problem of its past atrocities and killings.

Efforts to engage in an image-building drive is only dragging the party deeper into the mud of lies, dishonesty and public ridicule.

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  1. Anonymous   March 15, 2018 at 2:01 am

    All the bad things about mcp u already told us in the previous elections. Sitinaiwale ayi. Simuchedwa kuiwala bwanji. Tell us something different this time. Mcp boma.

  2. Anonymous   March 15, 2018 at 11:13 am

    Who has more recent blood between MCP and DPP,,,,,,,, ,,,our relatives has lost lives in this DPP,,,,examples u know, ,,,


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