PP Accuses MCP of Peddling Lies against JB, Bushiri on Blood Suckers

Kampanikiza: I am 100% sure that its not DPP, but MCP that is peddling lies

Former governing Peoples Party has accused the Malawi Congress Party of peddling lies that Joyce Banda and the Billionaire Prophet Shephard Bushiri were masterminders of the alleged blood suckers.

Writing on his facebook page, one of the well known PP operatives Gerald Chavez Kampanikiza said by the rumours mongers have terribly failed to soil their track by their attempt to leave MCP leader Lazarus Chakwera out of the equation.

Said Kampanikiza: “I still have questions on where the false allegations against Major 1 and JB are coming from, that they are the ones behind blood sucking. This is amateur propaganda and baseless, Am 100% sure that these insults are not coming from government or their cadets in the sense that Major 1 and government are true partners Major 1 likes President Peter Mutharika and his government and government respects Major 1 as one of the people it considers to be a fruitful partner and there is no way govt can tarnish his image on baseless accusations. On JB she is one of the people that wishes dpp govt well and govt has got no issues with JB as others may think. JB doesn’t stay in South Africa as alleged by these kids. But my big question is why is Dr Laz Chakwera being spared in this smear campaign?

Kampanikiza’s remarks have not gone down well with MCP sympathisers who have since described him misguided.

This is the second time PP and MCP supporters have fiercely been on each others’ neck. Few weeks ago, Joseph Chikwemba- an administrative secretary for the orange political house incurred fired after he publicly attributed atrocities Malawi went through under Kamuzu Banda to John Tembo.

26 Responses to "PP Accuses MCP of Peddling Lies against JB, Bushiri on Blood Suckers"

  1. Isaac Lyton   October 24, 2017 at 7:18 am

    Kadeti tsopano.You can’t learn from mistakes. The more you continue with your propaganda the more DPP loses ground

  2. Omega Malata   October 24, 2017 at 8:38 am

    Za ziiiiiii.

  3. Joe West   October 24, 2017 at 9:28 am

    It’s a very big SHAME for any normal person to dispute the fact that J Z U Tembo who is Dr Lazarus Chakwera’s Chief Advisor was the “Chief Architect” of the Malawi Congress Party’s MURDEROUS past. Thousands fled the Country, thousands were Jailed, thousands lost the Property , thousands lost their Dear Lives & thousands orphaned all in “Tembo’s bloody stained hands”. For more Information Conct: Former State President, Bakili Muluzi.


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