Powerful Man George Kasakula Abandons Wife Of Many Years For Actress Flora Suya


Suya: In Love With Kasakula

Outspoken journalist and Times Group powerful Managing Editor, George Kasakula, might be swimming in money but his wife and children are languishing in dire poverty after he abandoned them for girlfriend Flora Suya.

Suya is a screen actress with accolades for her role in several local movies. Sources say Kasakula has been seeing Suya for some years despite strong resistance from his wife and relatives from the Kasakula family.

Months ago Kasakula abandoned his marital home and moved into a new house with Suya who brought her own three kids into the union. Suya’s kids are being sent to good international schools in Blantyre on Times’ ticket while his children from the wife patronize local government schools and lack basic education material as well.

Malawi Voice visited Kasakula’s wife and kids and has pictures of their plight. However, publication of those pictures awaits a go ahead from them as they still try to coax him back to his marital home.

Besides bedding Kasakula, Flora Suya is also reported be a readily a available entertainer of other prominent people among them politicians  Chihana and Kunkuyu, musicians  Billy Kaunda, Anjilu Fumulani, Prophet Hara, drama artists  Manganya and Winiko.


Kasakula has of late been parading as a moral compass accusing prominent members of society of wrongdoing as if he himself has clean hands.

Malawi voice will soon publish pictures of Kasakura’s kids as well as his relatives in Kasungu district that are languishing in abject poverty.

Kasakula: Has Dumped His Wife

(By Stanley Kanani, Special Correspondent)

117 Responses to "Powerful Man George Kasakula Abandons Wife Of Many Years For Actress Flora Suya"

  1. Joseph Phonela Charlie Londalonda   December 31, 2016 at 8:35 am

    shut up ur mouth u malawi voice z smelling y cant u write on poor leadership in malawi,hunger,poverty,e.t.c?i know this z dpp voice not malawi voice

  2. Sylvester Mphatso Chithila Jnr   December 31, 2016 at 8:56 am

    Malawi voice manyaz mulibe kkkkk. zakuvutan nd dpp yanuyo. this wil jst make kasakula even stronger. expoz them big osaopa.the real servabt of ppl. mumakwana

  3. Chissoh Shizzle Sitolo   December 31, 2016 at 9:41 am

    Family issues.. Iwe walembawe ndi ine palibe chikutikhuza.

  4. Matthews Masina   December 31, 2016 at 10:17 am

    This is too political komabe nkhani ya anayo ndiina ngakhale kuti zifukwa zake sitikuziziwa, pempho langablili kwa flora ngati mzimai aganizire ana enao chonde chonde, akambirane ndi amuna awowo kut chithandizo chi zipita mokwanira ndithu kwa anawo ngati nkhaniyi ili yoona. Pepani siine wa Ndale ndilibe mbali

  5. Auster Chamadimba   December 31, 2016 at 10:26 am

    All the comments I have read on this subject are against DPP and Malawi Voice and all in all Malawi Voice is decampaining DPP in disguise. Malawi voice ndi mbuzi za anthu mpaka kukafika kunyumba ya mr Kasakula kukacheza ndi nkazi wake mpakanu jambula zithuzi.


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