Popular Candidates Noel Chalamanda, Louis Ngalande Get Only 2 Votes, 3 Votes Respectively

The highly awaited elections for the Mayorship of Blantyre City Council has seen the most popular Mayor in the country losing to his vice, Wild Ndipo by getting only two votes against 30 votes.

The elections which took place in the Blantyre City Council Chambers on Monday saw four councilors contesting for the position of Mayor; Noel Chalamanda, Wild Ndipo, Louis Ngalande and George Chipwete.

Earlier, Chalamanda gave a very convincing speech as to why Blantyre needed to re-elect him for the position.

“In my tenure, against limited resources, we have seen some of our roads upgraded to bitumen, our streets having street lights, improved sanitation and a beautiful city. It must get better. We have shown that we can engage private and government institutions to do more to assist our city. We have instilled a sense of belonging to Blantyre and being proud of it,” he said.

Chalamanda added that his tenure has been a learning process which had equipped them with skills and knowledge to get things done despite challenges that was gear one and they must shift to gear two.

He highlighted that Blantyre is on the course of dealing with issues affecting its people and the experience he gained in the past two and half years will come in handy.

On the other hand, Ndipo attributed the success of Blantyre City in the past two and half years to the team work which he was part of.

“No one person can transform the city. It is a collective effort. My responsibility shall be to provide strategic leadership in our quest to transform the city. I shall respect fellow councilors, Members of Parliament and members of staff. The developments mentioned by my colleague were collectively done,” he said.

Wild Ndipo of Chigumula Ward received 17 votes, George Chipwete got 8 votes, Louis Ngalande received 3 votes and Noel Chalamanda received two votes.

Ndipo is deputized by Joseph Makwinja of Bangwe Ward who got 16 votes against Getrude Chirambo who received 14 votes after they all got nine votes in the first round of elections.

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