Pompi In Town, Promises a “Giant Experience” in Lilongwe

  • Pompi Addressing Malawian Media
    Pompi Addressing Malawian Media

    Zambian Christian artist Chaka Nyanthando, popularly known as Pompi, is in Lilongwe ahead of the Giant Experience concert at BICC on Saturday.

    The singer, who arrived in Malawi’s capital Thursday evening, told
    journalists on Friday that Malawi should brace for “a giant experience” as he and his six-member Crazy Fish Band are all geared to rock BICC.
    Pompi, who revealed he has Malawian roots said, “I am excited to be back in Malawi knowing my cousins and brothers are out there eagerly waiting to see me on stage and give them the music they love.”
    “It’s awesome to be here. The last time I came to perform at the Lake of Stars I didn’t get much time to experience Malawi but this time I’m looking forward to explore a lot of things and having a good time here,” added Pompi who disclosed his origin is Nsanje district.
    Olivia and Pompi In Malawi
    Olivia and Pompi In Malawi

    Pompi said while in Malawi he expects to build a relationship with the country and the people that love his music in the country.

    He further expressed his love for Malawian music, which he said is a very unique sound. “Malawi has a culture of live music, di0erent from Zambia. We are trying to borrow a leaf from what Malawian artists are producing because we are trying to build that experience of live music.”
    He mentioned Patience Namadingo’s song Msati Mseke as one of his favourite Malawian songs and he looks forward to have a recording with the gifted Malawian singer.
    “We have been in touch, we spoke while he was in America and I’d like to work with him, he is a very gifted artist,” said the Zambian musician, who is also best known as the African Eagle.
    Fans in Malawi should expect a lot of Zambian Christian music at the Pabwalo Amphitheatre this Saturday because Pompi is accompanied by another multi-talented and dynamic gospel singer from the neighboring country and she is none other than Olivia. The two have a new song together titled Imagine, released last month.
  • Olivia said: “I can’t wait to jump on stage. I’ve been in Malawi before but on private visits and I’m so excited that I’ll be on stage connecting with the Malawian fans for the 5rst time.”
    The singer, who has also worked with Malawian Christian rapper Su0ix on three songs, o0 the latter’s new EP, Dethrone, added: “My desire is to reach everywhere not just Zambia. Working with Su0ix was an awesome experience and I expect to work with more Malawian artists.”
    Meanwhile, promoters of the Pompi “Giant Killer Experience”, Nthanda Artworks Dimension (NAD), have disclosed that Pentecostal Life Church president Professor Kingston Ngwira will grace the show.
    Professor Ngwira also saves as the Chancellor for Pentecostal Life and Exploits Universities. The entrepreneur adjunct professor is also a Chief Executive O0icer of media businesses known as Pentecostal Life FM Radio and Corporate Printing and Design.
    “Who said you cannot mix education, businesses, entrepreneurship
    and entertainment? Who said Professors are just glued to books and the
    books takes away their humanity? Nthanda Artworks Dimension have a
    di0erent view that’s why we invited him to be the Guest of Honour,” said
    Maureen Chirwa, administration manager at NAD.
    “Because of his Giant killer experiences, Nthanda Artworks Dimensions
    thought it wise that he should stand on stage of his fellow Giant Killer
    Pompi the African Eagle and share his giant killer experience with the
    people so that we can learn from him as we are learning from Pompi.
    “Nthanda Artworks Dimensions is urging everyone; academia,
    professionals, artists, business gurus, entrepreneurs and even those who
    feel they don’t know what to do to come to BICC Amphitheater on
    Saturday and hear from the professor as to how you can become a giant
    killer within Malawi and abroad.
    “Just buy a ticket at any of our selling points. This is one chance to see and
    hear how professors mix their professorship with pleasure,” said Chirwa.

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